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Wednesday August 12, 2020

Information about the British Museum – -Mursal

The British Museum is located in London and the British Museum is considered one of the most famous museums in the world, where it is very popular with visitors from all over the world, the British Museum includes inside it many antiquities and mummies from different countries of the world, including some Egyptian antiquities, and it also includes many inside it From rooms and rooms such as the reading room, in which you can read and find many, many historical books that tell about the antiquities in the British Museum.

Visit the British Museum

If you want to visit aFor the British Museum And that you do not know its way, it is easy to use map programs to show you the exact address of the museum, the first thing you do when you go to the British Museum is to go to the London Underground station, which is called Holborn and Piccadilly, and the central line. Those are the metro stations in London, and there are many areas The stations in Zone 1 are approximately 500 meters away [1].

Daily opening times in the museum

There is a specific schedule for the museum to start working on every day, starting from 10 in the morning until 5:30 in the evening, and on Friday, the museum works until 8:30 in the evening.

Information for a visitor to the British Museum

The person who visits a place for the first time is not aware of the place he is heading to and is not aware or aware of the rooms of this place, especially in archaeological places such as museums, as they contain large rooms and rooms, and each of them must have a map to know the visitor [2] .

How the visitor walks in directions and how does he move? This is just as it is in the British Museum, where the British Museum is located in London and this is its main headquarters in London due to the wide range of unique monuments and objects found, which are displayed and are the leading group that makes up that group of All over the world in art, cultural history and various other fields.

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The museum is well known, especially the valuable information that fills all countries of the world about it, especially because of a wide range of Egyptians, Greek and Roman antiquities, which are found in a large proportion in the museum, as there are no entrance fees, permanent exhibitions where the laboratory provides you with free admission service to the museum .

As is the case with other major museums in London, which there are many in London and in various countries of the world, which includes the British Museum, where there is a strong rush of visitors on weekends because people are on official holidays from work, especially on Sundays. From every week to bad luck.

Because in many days and times it can be busy and there is a large crowd of visitors also during the week, days of the week in general, especially days when it is an official holiday from work, where visitors tend on those days to visit archaeological museums and other places of entertainment, due to the large number Of approx. 80,000 of the antiquities and mummies that are displayed in the exhibition and are in it permanently, the objects and the huge museum size where the British Museum is one of the major museums in London.

The large crowds are noticeable most of the time only in the entrance area and in the main attraction area, and those areas are the ones that contain valuable relics from various countries of the world, and among those relics is the Rosetta Stone, which is one of the most valuable Egyptian antiquities and which was discovered by the world Champollion since ancient times. It is very popular with visitors from different countries of the world, so if you start your visit in the morning during the weekdays, you have the best opportunities to avoid crowds, because the morning period on many days of the week, the morning period is the official working period, so many citizens are in various jobs so it is The museum at that time was empty and quiet from crowds.

How to get to the British Museum

The museum’s location is not near the underground stations, as it is not near all the underground stations in London, where the closest station to it is Holborn station, which is approximately 500 meters away from it and it can also increase and it is the closest station to it, after leaving a metro station Undergrounds Holborn Station, because it is the closest stop to the museum, go north at Southampton Row until you are sure that you have reached Sicilian Avenue, which is the one on the left side of the road you are traveling on.

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In this nice alley you can find some restaurants in which you can take some rest times if walking and hiking may tire you or eating in them, and you will also find on your way cafes and stores for different products, and this is ideal if you are looking for some foods or drinks On your way to or back from the museum, Sicilian Avenue leads you directly to Bloomsbury Square, a small but greatlooking park that makes you attracted to it, and you can also walk across the park to the opposite corner. You are now standing on Great Russell Street, a few steps down this street. It’s directly in front of the British Museum.

Most notable landmarks in the British Museum

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is located in Room No. 4 and it is well known about that stone and who visited the most attractive of the house, as this stone was found in 1799 in Egypt by the Frenchman, and it was the basis for deciphering the hieroglyphs that were engraved on the stone, and the British who came In possession of the stone after the battle against the campaigns of the French was won, then the Rosetta Stone was brought to the British Museum in London and has been on display there since 1802.

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Egyptian mummies

Egyptian mummies which are displayed in room number 62 and 63 in two rooms with coffins, coffins and burial bodies since the days of the pharaohs. Here you can learn everything about the Egyptian cult of the dead in the time of the pharaohs and what Manu does with the dead, as the museum has the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities out of Egypt .

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File: Egyptian mummies, British Museum.jpg - Wikipedia

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Reading room

In addition to the antiquities, dead bodies, and historical objects in the museum and historical coffins, there are rooms that have other specialties, and among those rooms is the reading room, where the interior of the reading room was repaired and restored to its original form after it was restored and renewed again>

British Museum - Perambulating Photographer

The Great Court

In addition, the Great Court and designed by Sir Norman Foster, a glassroofed structure surrounding the reading room from the outside, making it one of the most eyecatching rooms, the Great Court and Reading Hall opened to the public in the year 200, also restored in time for the anniversary celebration Its annual establishment of the King’s Museum and Library (18231827) and the first section of a newly constructed British Museum now houses a permanent exhibition on the Age of Enlightenment.

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