Did you know that South Koreans eat dogs? And males receive gifts on Valentine’s Day? In this report, you will find information about South Korea and surprising facts about this beautiful and unknown country to many of us.

South Korea is a sovereign country, and it is an Asian country, located in East Asia,

It consists of more 4000 An island, and each island has its own distinctive and unique story, and how wonderful and special it is to realize your dream of traveling if you so desire,

And the most beautiful thing is that your destination for travel is South Korea. Here you have to learn the most important information about this Asian country, especially

If you know that South Korea was a small developing country, and now it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations for tourists from around the world.
Come with us, we dive into a cultural research journey through this article to learn about the most important cultural landmarks of South Korea and what are the distinctive things of this country.

Information about South Korea

Information about South Korea
1- It is a country located in East Asia, and occupies the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, its borders to the north are the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, meaning “North Korea”,

To the east is the East Sea, i.e. the Sea of ​​Japan, to the south is the East China Sea, to the west is the Yellow Sea, and to the southeast is the Korea Strait separated from the Japanese island of Tsushima. South Korea makes up about 45 percent of the land area on the peninsula, and its capital is Seoul.

2- South Korea consists of a large part of the Precambrian rocks (more than 540 million years,” such as granite and gneiss. The nature of the country is largely mountainous.

It is accompanied by small valleys and narrow coastal plains. The Tepek Mountains extend to the north and south almost along the eastern coast and from north to North Korea.

Which leads to the drainage gap in the country, and between them are several mountain chains branching towards the north-east and south-west, the most important of which are the Sobek Mountains, which undulate in the form of a letter S across the peninsula,

It is important to know that there are no mountains that are very high in South Korea, where the Taebaek Mountains reach a height 5604 forward”1708 meters” on Mount Sorak in the north-east. The Sobek Mountains reach 6283 forward”1915 meters” in Mount Cherry And the highest peak in South Korea, the extinct volcano is called Mount Halla on Cheju Island, with a height of 6,398 forward”1950 meters” above sea level.

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Koreans think their blood type is important

Information about South Korea

3- The climate of the Korean Peninsula is affected by its proximity to the main Asian land, which leads to high temperatures in the summer,

Winter has a continental climate with some northeastern Asian monsoon winds that affect the amount of precipitation. Its winters are characterized by cold and dryness.

The summer is hot and humid, and the temperature in winter drops to below zero, except for the southern coast.

4- A common fact is that the Koreans believe that their blood type is of some importance, and their neighbors in Japan are also similar in this way.

However, people in other countries may or may not know their blood type , Every South Korean knows his blood type for sure.

It is interesting about blood groups in South Korea that they are believed to contribute to the formation of a person’s personality and characteristics.

Blood types can help in choosing a mate because your partner’s blood type may not be a good match for yours, for example, type B females should look for type B males O , And males of the type AB They’ll do that too, but stay out of kind A! But not everyone believes in this.

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Child’s age at birth

5- One of the amazing facts about Koreans is that they automatically reach one year of age after birth, and a newborn is considered to be one year old in South Korea.

There are different schools of thought about the reason for this, and one of the interpretations is that some people believe that the reason for this is that the child remains in his mother’s womb for a period of nine months, that is, approximately one year. That is why in South Korea, a child is one year old from birth.

The method of calculating is a little difficult and is due to the difference between the lunar calendar, the solar calendar and your birthday, and the simplest way to answer this question is to tell the Koreans about the year in which you were born.

6- Plastic surgery is very popular in South Korea. If you don’t do anything to your face, you will look like a strange person. You can go anywhere without visiting a plastic surgeon.Or at least disclose one, mentioning in detail the most popular procedures, such as reducing the jaw and chin, double eyelids, or the nose, and plastic surgery is the same for men and women, Many people from all over the world go to South Korea for cosmetic purposes, not just the indigenous people. It can be a tourist trip for treatment, especially cosmetic surgery.

Information about South Korea

The highest percentage of robots in the world

7- Robots are not found everywhere, but they are very popular in South Korea. They have the highest percentage of robots in the world. They are not only used in factories, but are used as waiters, teachers, and prison guards.

8- Taekwondo, or “the path of fist and blood”, began in Korea about 2000 General, and considered the first form of the art of self-defence, and today it is considered the national sport.

It is so popular in South Korea that it became an official part of the Summer Olympics in 2000 .

9- The beard for a man today in South Korea is considered unkempt and dirty, which is not only what a romantic partner thinks, but also prevents you from getting a job.

10- Red ink, in South Korea, if you see a name written in red, this is a very bad sign, as it indicates that a person has died or is on the way to death.

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South Koreans eat dogs

11- You might think that you know enough about South Korea, but read this: South Koreans eat dogs. It has been a part of the culture for ages but has recently become more controversial and less popular. In fact, they eat about a million dogs a year.

12-Men get gifts on Valentine’s Day. It is one of the fun facts about South Korea, as they have Valentine’s Day, unlike our Valentine’s Day.

Whereas Valentine’s Day is when boys receive chocolates from girls, while girls receive sweets in white day “It is an extra holiday in Korea, and it is a month after March 14 While men get gifts on Valentine’s Day.

13- The only thing that seems to stand out in South Korea is its “cuisine” which gets a lot of attention from the rest of the world, not only because of the rich flavors and wide variety, But because of the Koreans’ love for freshness, too. Raw or live octopus is not good if it’s not moving in your mouth, so Koreans skip the cooking part,

Where some cut the octopus and put it in a bowl, and others cut off its legs while it is still alive, and eat the legs, and throw the rest of the octopus’s body into the soup.

14- South Korea has the fastest internet connection, and it outperforms every other country, so you can stop at an internet café and try its fast service.