Mathematician Pythagoras

Pythagoras is one of the Greek philosophers and mathematicians who lived from 570 BC to 495 BC, who was born on the Greek island of Samos, east of the Aegean Sea, then moved in his youth to Mesopotamia, then traveled to Egypt and resided there, as he was permanent Traveling and collecting and learning mathematics until he settled in the city of Cartoni in Italy in 532 BC, where he made his achievements in philosophy and sports, the Olympic Games, astronomy, mathematical engineering, and mathematical sciences.

On the level of his personal life, he married a woman named Phythai, and she bore him a son called Telaghis, and three daughters, Damo, Arenot, and Mia. On the same island, he was introduced to a friend named Milan, who is one of the wealthiest of this island. He mentions that he helped Pythagoras financially when he opened a school in his house.

Pythagoras’ interest in mathematics

It is said from the intensity of Pythagoras’s interest in mathematics that he transferred a large part of his home to his school of education, and from his philosophy also in mathematics, his sanctification of the number ten, which represents perfection from his own point of view, and considered that the universe consists of a mixture between number and tone, and for his interest in music, he explained the relationship between musical tone and tension The wire and its looseness.

Achievements of the world Pythagoras

Phitagors theory

It is one of the most famous theorems in mathematics and states that the square of the length of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the lengths of the two sides adjacent to the right angle, and this theory is applied in the construction of land to this day.

Discover the multiplication table

It is said that he was the first to develop the multiplication table, but some evidence indicates that the scientist John Leslie was the one who discovered the multiplication table in 1820 AD.

triangle angle theorem

The scientist Pythagoras is the first to point out that the sum of the angles of a triangle is equal to 180 degrees, which means the sum of two right angles.

Pythagorean tuning

He was very interested in music, as he was the first to set musical tones when he accidentally listened to the mourning methods in his shop. With the movement of the planets in the universe, that is, when objects move, they emit sounds whose degree increases depending on the size and speed of the object’s movement.


Pythagoras was interested in astronomy and said that the Earth was a spherical space body that revolves in space from west to east as the rest of the other planets revolve, and he was the first to divide the Earth into five regions: the equatorial region, the northern cold, the southern cold, the summer and winter regions.

Pythagoras defined a lunar eclipse as a phenomenon that arises from the presence of the Earth or a planet that blocks the sun from the moon, and he was the first to prove that the Earth is round, and the first to name the world the universe and its living center is the Earth.

Information about Pythagoras, the mathematician