Information about natural pearls

There are many amazing information about pearls that many do not know, including the following:[1]

  • Pearls are the only gems that are created by a living organism.
  • China produces the majority of freshwater pearls, accounting for 95% of the world’s total production.
  • Mussels can produce between 30 and 50 pearls each time they are stimulated.
  • The annual production of diamonds exceeds the annual production of the South Sea pearls by 10 times due to its rarity.
  • A pearl over 2,000 years old was found in Western Australia.
  • The death rate among divers working in pearl mining reached 50% in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Natural pearl quality standards

The following is a set of criteria for differentiating between natural pearls and others, in terms of quality:[2]

  • Luster: Luster is the most important criterion for determining the quality of pearls. The more glowing a pearl appears, the higher its value.
  • Size: Large pearls are rare, which makes the larger pearl the most valuable, all other things being equal.
  • Surface smoothness: it is difficult to obtain pearls completely free of streaks and surface marks, but the sharper these lines appear, the lower the value of the pearl.
  • Color: The colors of pearls vary, as there are yellow, violet, blue, and other colors, and the judgment is not limited to the dominant color of the pearl only, but reaches the color of the transparent layer on its surface, in addition to the shimmer reflected from it.

natural pearls

A pearl can be defined as a solid substance consisting of calcium carbonate and organic materials, formed by mollusks such as oysters and mussels in response to irritation caused by a foreign body. layered over a slow process that takes a few years.[3]

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Information about natural pearls

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