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Tuesday December 3, 2019

Inexpensive cheap gift ideas that everyone can use for Christmas 2020

This cool light lets you know when you have an important message or call so you can put your phone away.

Once you’ve exhausted someone’s wish list every year, you run out of gift ideas for Christmas. You’ve already bought the person all the clothes they want, all the latest in technology they want basically all the materialistic items they’ve desired. Instead of gifting these people with items that they ask for, why don’t you gift them with items they didn’t even know they needed? Practical gifts, like the ones we’ve compiled below, are perfect gifts for just about anyone. No matter what gender, no matter what lifestyle they may have these gifts would make any of them happy.


A portable Crock-pot for the people who are always bringing food to gatherings and pot lucks.


A portable humidifier cap that can turn any water bottle into a humidifier.


A phone case that holds your earphones so you that you’ll never lose them again.


These bed risers not only creates more space for someone’s room but also gives them more electricity outlets.

Perfect for the people who need more storage space and always running out of outlet space.


A USB mini-fridge so that you can keep your drink cold the entire time you’re at your desktop.


An iPhone charger extension cord so you can freely be in the spot you want to be.


A sticky note, calendar, and wrist pad all in one.

Perfect for people who are always on their computer and need a reminder of what their weekly agendas are.

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A cutting board that allows you to dispose of the unwanted pieces right away.

This is so clever!


A car swivel tray for drivers who are always eating on the go.

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