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Tuesday June 2, 2020

Indonesia cancels Hajj this year due to Coruna

The World – Asia and the Pacific

Fakhr al-Razi, the Indonesian minister of religious affairs, said that the decision to cancel Hajj trips this year was taken due to the outbreak of the Coruna virus and the continued restrictions on travel, according to Russia’s website today.

Hundreds of thousands of Indonesians go out every year on pilgrimages to visit the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia.

Indonesia has a quota system that allows a person to perform the pilgrimage only once every 20 years, according to the Cabinet Secretariat.

And the share of Indonesian pilgrims was scheduled to reach 221 thousand pilgrims this year, and the ministry’s website reported that 90 percent of them have already applied for travel.

The Saudi authorities recently stated that this year Hajj and Umrah are suspended until further notice.

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