Increase internet speed manually

Internet speed can be increased manually as follows:[1]

  • Optimizing the bandwidth settings of the user’s computer using the Windows Group Policy Editor, this is done by going to the Start menu, then clicking on the Run icon, then typing “gpedit.msc”, pressing the entry icon, and on the left side of the screen you must click on Administrative Templates, Select the network, then click on Schedule QoS packets, then click on bookable bandwidth, then change the options to Enable, and change the bandwidth limit to zero percent, this method increases internet speed by 20%.
  • Reset Windows network sockets, where the operating system uses network sockets to send information over the network, and to reset it, you must go to Run, then type “overloaded” in order to execute the commands, then type “winsock netsh reset”, then press the enter icon to finish the mission.
  • Increase the speed of Internet Explorer. This is done by opening the command and express program, then typing “regsvr32 actxprxy”, then pressing the “enter” button on the keyboard. This method increases the speed of Internet Explorer by 10%.
  • Open the user’s default Internet browser, and browse the web in order to test the new performance of the user’s Internet connection.

move the router

Many things affect the strength of the broadband wireless signal, so if the user suffers from slow Wi-Fi speed, or feels that it is unreliable, the router must be moved, and in general it is preferable to place it in a high place, such as Put it on the bookshelf.[2]

Domain Name System and Internet Speed

The Domain Name System (DNS) assigns the names of websites on a particular computer, where the site is hosted, and when trying to access a website, the computer must search for addresses, and in general, choosing a DNS server affects the speed of loading the website, as settings allow The computer’s network and the router or access point Specify the primary and secondary DNS servers that should be used by default, possibly set by the user’s Internet service provider.[3]

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increase internet speed

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