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Wednesday February 24, 2021

In response to the new sanctions … Venezuela expels the European Union ambassador

The world – the Americas

Speaking to reporters from Caracas, Ariassa said, “Today, with the decision of President Nicolas Maduro, we handed over to Isabel Brillante … a declaration that he considers persona non grata. She gave 72 hours to leave Venezuelan territory.”

This came in response to the European Union imposing new sanctions on senior officials.

In response, the European Union called on the Venezuelan government to “reverse” its decision to expel its ambassador to Caracas.

A spokeswoman for the European Union’s Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said: “We call on the (Venezuelan) authorities to return to this decision, which will further isolate Venezuela.”

Spokeswoman Nabila Masraly explained, “Venezuela will not overcome the current crisis except through negotiation and dialogue. The European Union is ready to facilitate this, but such a decision will not help.”

The European Union announced, on Monday, the imposition of sanctions on 19 officials in the regime of President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.

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