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Sunday September 20, 2020

In pictures .. the story of a statue erected in Damascus and removed hours later

The World – Syria

The sculpture “Horse Head”, by the Syrian sculptor Hussam Jounoud, was erected in Al-Maliki Square yesterday and barely hours passed until it was lifted from the place. This was accompanied and preceded by opinions on social media sites, including what reduces the importance of the work, claiming that it is a copy of a famous sculpture in Britain.

The removal of the sculpture sparked more comments, prompting the Damascus governorate to provide a brief explanation that seemed to increase the ambiguity more than it illuminated the reasons.

More than one Syrian plastic artist described the sculpture as excellent, as the Syrian sculptor Suhail Bodour told RT that the fact that the sculpture is a copy of its British counterpart does not diminish its importance, which he describes as “high-level and magnificent by all standards, and is occupied with care, mastery and high professionalism.” Creating a 4-meter high sculpture is not easy at all. “

Bodour points to some technical observations, including the difference between the European horse and the Arab, to say that the sculpture of soldiers is anatomically and artistically correct, and asks: “Why attack the artist?” Commenting on some opinions that reduced the importance of the work, he said, “Is it not the artist’s right to eat bread from any artistic accomplishment as long as there is no suitable space for creativity in the midst of what we see today on the artistic scene?”

Was he the “sole survivor”?

A number of social media pages circulated information saying that the statue has a story that summarizes that he was the only survivor of a battle in Britain (without specifying that battle), and that the horse was drinking water at the end of that battle, which left a small wound on its face.

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However, we did not find a reference documenting that incident, while the information about the statue is abundant, and it is reported in a number of British websites that the horse head sculpture, (Still Water) was completed by the British sculptor Nick Vidian Green in 2011, and it is the largest stand-alone bronze statue in London, It is located in Marble Arch, and is 10 meters long.

Source: RT

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