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Wednesday February 24, 2021

In order to combat child exploitation … Facebook is testing new tools

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Facebook tests more features to protect against child abuse


Company announced Facebook It has been testing tools to help the social network combat child exploitation and prevent people from sharing content that exploits children.

One of these tools, for people who use search terms related to children’s exploration, is a message that Facebook seeks to display through its applications detailing the message the consequences of displaying this content, and providing information on how to obtain assistance from the organizations concerned.

The procedure for harmless sharing of child-sensitive content, so that people who share this material see a safety alert about the harm it could cause.


Facebook logo on a smartphone. Source: Getty Images

Alert by Facebook

Additionally, the alert includes a warning that the content violates company rules as well as legal implications for sharing this material.

The company removes the content and reports it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and deletes the accounts promoting such material.


Facebook’s Child Safety Policy

The company also adopts the content security API from Google To find out when posts might contain an exploit For children And give it priority to the auditors.

The platform has also updated its policies on child safety, so that the account, pages, groups, and Instagram accounts designated for sharing innocent photos of children with captions, hashtags or comments containing inappropriate references about children are deleted.

The company has also updated its list of reports on Facebook and Instagram, and users can select an option for that under the Nudity and Sexual Activity section.

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The company explains that materials reported in this way take priority for content reviewers.

In some cases, the photos or videos that people share may not violate the company’s rules, but the accompanying text can help the social network better in determining whether the content sexualizes children and whether the account, page, or group should be removed. .


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