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iloveimg photo editor, one of the photo editing website. If you do not have time to deal with specialized and complex programs for image processing, and you just want to perform some basic commands. This program will definitely save you a lot of time and effort. You can do many things like resize or type, compress, crop, rotate or watermark an image. Plus, use a simple editor to get your design right, all quickly and effectively.

What is iloveimg photo editor?

iloveimg photo editor, one of the very easy and simple website to work with images, suitable for all people, you do not need previous knowledge or skills. You can open your photos stored on your device, Google Drive or Drobox and save them after processing them in the same place.

Upon entering the website ( you will find everything you want directly on the main page, in the form of small divisions, containing icons and titles of the available image-editing tools. It is enough to click on one of them to go to its page directly. The horizontal menu can also be used, which also contains image editing commands.

The beautiful thing is that although the default language of the site is English, you can change it to Arabic or other available languages, through the language menu at the bottom of the main page.

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iloveimg photo editor commands

iloveimg photo editor commands
iloveimg photo editor commands

iloveimg photo editor, the site offers 9 basic things to edit photos, which can be applied to a group of photos and get the result quickly and well, and they are as follows:

Compress Image

iloveimg image editor, you can compress JPG, PNG, SVG or GIF images to reduce the size of their storage on the hard disk or any other storage medium, while maintaining their quality and clarity.

All you have to do is choose the appropriate image or several, click on the compress image button and you will immediately get the result, telling you the size of the new image file, and the percentage of storage space you have saved.

A large button to store images on your device appears, and next to it are small icons indicating additional storage methods, such as Google drive or Dropbox, or a button to copy and share the link to download the image. But if you change your mind, you can delete the image directly by clicking the Delete it now button.

Resize Image

iloveimg photo editor, the site offers two ways to change the image size, which are as follows:

  1. By pixel:

By writing the width and height in one pixel (px). But if we want to maintain the proportionality between the dimensions, we must set the column maintain aspect ratio, so if we change the height, the value of the width changes proportionally to it, and vice versa.

  1. By percentage:

In this case, we do not have to write the width and height, but rather choose the reduction percentage, either 25%, 50%, or 75%.

Note that in both cases, you can select multiple images and apply this command to them, so they all take the same dimensions.

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Crop Image

When the image is large and contains many unwanted spaces, we resort to cropping parts of it, in order to reduce its storage space. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Manually, as a rectangle appears over the image, we can enlarge or reduce it and place it over the appropriate section of it, then press the crop button.
  2. Writing the required measurements in the designated part on the right of the screen, the selection rectangle appears according to it, and therefore only the area within the rectangle will be preserved.

Rotate Image

iloveimg photo editor, the selected photo or group of photos can be rotated left or right.

Create a Meme

Memes are humorous images, which people comment on with humorous comments, with additional images or texts placed on them. This command is available for JPG, GIF, or PNG image types.

There are two ways in iloveimg photo editing software to achieve this:

  • Outside: Leaves an outside white space from the top and bottom outside the borders of the image, to which text or images are added.
  • Inside, the images or text are placed above and below the image but inside the image frame, without any additional spaces.
Create a Meme Image in iloveimage photo editor
Create a Meme Image in iloveimage photo editor

Convert image to JPG type

Convert to JPG Easily converts many available image types (PNG, GIF, TIF, PSD, SVG, WEBP, HEIC, RAW) to the popular JPG format. You can select multiple images together to convert them with one click to JPG.

Convert from JPG to PNG or GIF

Convert from JPG, to get animated images, it is enough to select several images, then on the right of the window click on Convert to GIF, select Animated GIF, set the time interval at Second per image, check the box at Loop, and then click the Convert Image button.

If we choose Static GIF, every JPG image will be converted into a static non-animated GIF.

Watermark Image

iloveimg photo editor, a watermark is a text or image that is placed on designs in a light, to distinguish images. For example, private photos of a company, write the name of the company and put the logo on the designs so that they appear semi-transparent.

This command can be used for JPG, PNG, or GIF images, where a watermark is applied by either the image, the text, or both.

When you click on the text or image, a small horizontal bar appears with the appropriate buttons:

  • Opacity, to specify the percentage of transparency of the image or text that will appear as a watermark over the image.
  • Buttons for text formatting (font type, size, underline, text color, alignment).
  • Delete, delete the image or text.

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Turn a web page into an image

iloveimg image editor, you can save the html web page as a JPG image, by pressing the Add HTML button and then typing its URL and then clicking on the Add button, and within a few seconds you will get the image.

From the options that will appear on the right of the web page, you can select the Screen Size and the type of the output image file as either JPG or SVC. Click the Preview button to preview the image, and after confirming everything, click the Convert HTML button to convert the page to an image.

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Simple iloveimg photo editor

Simple iloveimg photo editor
Simple iloveimg photo editor

iloveimg photo editor, the page for Photo Editor It is an easy editor that contains some necessary commands for editing images, which are located in the horizontal bar above the image.

  1. Filter & Lights, you can apply some effects or filters to the photos.
  2. Resize, Crop, Transform From here, you can also resize or crop parts of the image, in addition to rotating or flipping it.
  3. Draw, use the simple brush tool to draw.
  4. Text tool.
  5. Basic shapes, such as a straight line, a rectangle, and a triangle. To modify the shape, click on it once, and some artistic properties appear in the horizontal bar, such as fill color, gradient, opacity, and others.
  6. Stickers.
  7. Frame the picture.
  8. Corners Rotate the corners of the image.
  9. The Merge button merges all the elements of the image and becomes a flat image, so we will not be able to modify the parts that have been previously added to it, such as shapes or stickers.

iloveimg image editor, despite being a very simple editor, is based on the concept of layers, ie working on each part of the design independently. So we find the Objects button in the right part of the screen and when you click on it, a list of the elements in the design appears. Finally, you can save the file as a JPG or PNG image.

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Is iloveimg free photo editing software?

iloveimg photo editor, in fact, there are three plans available on the site, you can choose the right one:

  • Free, the site’s tools can be used, but there is a limitation in the number of documents processed.
  • Premium, an annual amount of 48 euros, to get the benefits of using all tools and an unlimited number of documents. In addition to having customer service.
  • Business, such as the Premium plan with additional business facilities, such as (flexible payment options, custom contracts or hardware).

iloveimg photo editor, which has its own share, makes you love to work with and edit photos, especially that you will get things done very simply and quickly. You won’t have to go through the trouble of searching for the right program to open more than one image and try to resize or compress it, or worry about getting high quality images. Now all you have to do is head to this nice website and process your photos with ease and confidence.