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Wednesday May 20, 2020

Ideas created by restaurants around the world to receive customers – innovative ideas created by restaurants after SK

Restaurants have always innovated new and creative methods to attract customers, whether through creative decor, strange menus or various ways to serve dishes … However, with the pandemic of corona and the strict procedures and restrictions that followed forced restaurants to close their doors for a period or partial operation through a service Delivery, everything has changed! Today, as life gradually returns to cities and streets, it remains an obligation to adhere to general guidelines, first and foremost respect for the principle of social divergence, and accordingly restaurants from around the world began to invent new methods to receive their customers … and the results, in fact, are amazing!

Learn some of these ways!

One table restaurant!

In the middle of a summer meadow in the beautiful town of Ransäter, you can enjoy a threecourse dinner with a lot of privacy and tranquility, as you will be seated at a table set in the patio, and it is this unique restaurant in Sweden. Perhaps it is the smallest restaurant in the world, or maybe it is the only restaurant that you mean with a reassurance that you are totally protected from infection with Corona virus? Bord för en (I mean a table for one person) is the name of this restaurant that receives only one guest upon prior reservation, and there is no staff other than the chef who prepares food in the kitchen far from the table, and from there the dishes are delivered in a basket directly to the only beautiful table.

Wonderful strange caps for customers!

An innovative idea that came up with the owner of a café Cafe & Konditorei Rothe Mrs. Jacqueline Roth, when she reopened the doors to receive guests after the quarantine restrictions in Germany were lifted. Far from the posters and signs that warn of the need to adhere to the principle of social separation, Ruth decides to provide her customers with straw hats fitted with sticks of sponge used in swimming, which automatically creates a distance between individuals. The owner of this cafe, located in the town of Schwerin, not only sought to protect its guests, but also planted a smile on their faces. Who sees such a scene and does not laugh ?!

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Black floats on four wheels!

The way this restaurant did in Ocean City, Maryland, in the United States, is no less strange than Ruth did in Germany. Here, customers automatically spaced 6 feet apart because everyone It was placed inside a large black frame or “buoy” Four wheels mounted to allow the person to move!

Glass tents and romantic experiences!

Amsterdam, the most romantic and sweetest … even in the time of Corona! MediaMatic Restaurant Mediamatic Overlooking the Nemo Museum he devised a new way to receive his customers so that only two or three people from the same family or living in one house enter a separate greenhouse and food is served to them by employees wearing protective glass masks, and they deliver food from a safe distance through a wooden board Long. These greenhouselike greenhouses lined the edge of a watercourse are an innovative way to protect people from Covid 19, and it is at the same time a romantic experience that many dream about.

Accompanying the dolls …

Specifically 16 dolls, dressed in 1940s inspired by Signature Theater in Arlington, Virginia, will sit at tables in a restaurant The Inn at Little Washington The 3star Michelin winner and leader in his field. Do you see it fun or scary? Whatever your feeling, if you are in this luxurious restaurant accompanied by dolls, you will not be able to deny that it is an innovative idea in the time of Corona. “We all want to meet again and see other people, but not necessarily real people,” says restaurant owner and chef Patrick O’Connell. I have always been a fan of dolls. They do not complain about anything unlike humans. ”

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Zest with the panda!

At a restaurant in Thailand, friends and family may not join you for dinner, but a stuffed panda will do it!maison saigon It is the name of the restaurant that came up with this idea. When it reopened at first it was decided to maintain the principle of social spacing by placing one chair at each table, but the owner said that he felt isolated and empty, so he decided to give his customers the opportunity to share the dining experience with pandas!

2D Clients… Gossip!

In Sydney, Australia, you find a restaurant Five Dock Dining The owner wanted his customers to share their dining experiences with different 2D customers! These paper stickers are placed on chairs in front of tables to make the hall appear empty. Guess what next? The restaurant plans to put chatter sounds on the speakers as a background!

Plastic barriers!

A large number of restaurants around the world have started to put plastic barriers between tables and on the table itself to prevent and combat the spread of the Corona virus.

Signs and stickers to keep a safe distance!

This scene will likely be common in the future: signs and posters on the floor, tables or chairs to alert the customer to the need to keep a safe distance between him and others!

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