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Tuesday December 31, 2019

I’d like Glidic .. a genius of colors Entrepreneur Magazine

In the era of the Great Wars, he was able to rise up with the power of colors, to draw a new era, through which the world knew the Jotun Paint Company .. It is “I like Glidic”, the founder and developer of Jotun, who succeeded in storming the homes and institutions of millions across different continents. How was his success story?

the beginning

Oud Glidic was born on October 2, 1894, in Sandefjord, the Norwegian city of Vestfold, where he finished middle school, and then spent 6 seasons working on a ship by ocean.

Glidic chose to work in the ocean, as whaling was the most prosperous business in his hometown of Norway.

During World War I, Glidic entered the stock market, but he tasted treachery after the stock exchange crash in 1918, as he suffered a heavy loss.

The first store

The Norwegian did not give up, and two years after the stock market crash, that is, in 1920, he opened the first store to sell tools, equipment and services for ships.

Glidic’s sales rose to the whaling fleet, which paved the way for his investment into the investment world later, as he found an opportunity to invest in the paint industry, to acquire the Jotun factory after his bankruptcy in 1925.

Jotun Factory

Glidic reopened the Jotun factory with a capital of 60,000 Norwegian kroner, and then rushed to buy the patent rights of Manfred Raj; the chemist, who worked on creating an anti-corrosion substance, which inhibited rust and mitigated its negative effects.

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Glidic succeeded in presenting the Jotun Arkanol marine ships paint, in gray-red color, attracting great interest and praise from ship owners.

The company introduced Drijoline exterior paint in 1948, which the world admired for its superior quality and is considered the best exterior paint ever.

Invest in research

Jotun was amazingly successful: Glidic began investing in research in 1950, establishing a new factory in his hometown, which made the top floor a research and development laboratory, under the supervision of chemical experts.

On the experience of the laboratory, Glidic said: “Our success in the future depends on investment in research and development.” This is proven by Jotun Company later, as Norway has one of the largest private research and development centers.

Glidic was not satisfied with this success. Rather, he introduced the internal phenium coating, which achieved tremendous success among consumers who were able to use it without the help of experts, which enabled him to expand in the retail market in 1953.

The company invented the Tribit paint spray that introduced colors to the world of homes in 1956, and from this came its international expansion in 1962.

Global expansion

Glidic began building factories in various countries of the world, starting with Libya and reaching Thailand in 1967, then Jotun Company became in a record period, the largest manufacturer of paints in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

The company started producing powder coating in 1968 in Larvik, Norway, with great interest from its owner, a passion that days could not dim its luster.

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Glidic decided to step down in 1967, leaving the steering wheel to his son who took over as CEO.

Glidic Sr. was a member of the Board of Directors of the Norwegian Industries, an honorary member of the Norwegian Association of Fishermen, and obtained the rank of first-class knight of the Norwegian monarch in 1965, until he departed in Sandefjord, in January 1990.

Lessons learned:

Passion for Work: A sense of passion for work generates a different approach to diligence, from which the entrepreneur achieves impressive results.

Development: The entrepreneur does not stop looking for development in his work, but seeks to add more elements of innovation to his project.

Expansion: An entrepreneur always aspires to expand into the world, especially after the success of his idea in the market.

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