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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Hyundai Tucson 2021 … a revolutionary design with a stunning new look …

Hyundai Motor Company today launched the Hyundai Tucson Tucson The allnew 2021, which is the fourth generation of the company’s CSUV compact SUV designed to be a global model, has a long or short wheelbase to meet the needs of different customers.

The new model from Tucson embodies special importance for Hyundai, as Tucson is one of the company’s most famous and widespread cars, and has achieved global sales of more than 7 million cars since the launch of the first model of them in 2004. Hyundai expects the new model to attract more customers, including It is distinguished by its sophisticated design, spaciousness, and classleading digital capabilities, as well as its dynamic driving and excellent fuel efficiency.

On the occasion of the 2021 Tucson launch, Thomas Chimera, Head of Product Division, Hyundai Motor Group, said: “We are delighted to present the allnew Tucson, which reflects the transformation that Hyundai is leading in the field of SUV manufacturing. That makes it a new benchmark for innovation and at the top of its class, offering an impressive blend of design, technology and performance. ”

The allnew Tucson will start selling in Korea in September as a 2021 model, and it will go on sale in the United States and other global markets as a 2022 model starting in the first half of 2021.

Hyundai unveiled the new Tucson car online, due to the circumstance caused by the global pandemic, inviting everyone interested in exploring the most advanced Hyundai SUV ever to read the model online, in response to the company’s general trend to stay at home. The first global press conference of the allnew Tucson can be viewed on and on the company’s social media channels, as well as on the Hyundai Channel, the company’s recently launched global content platform and interactive app. For smart TVs.

Dynamic exterior design with parametric proportions, spacious and calm interior

Tucson’s new exterior design expresses Hyundai’s signature Sensuous Sportiness design identity. The new Tucson SUV embodies what Hyundai designers call its new exterior “parametric dynamics”, as its surface is almost jewellike for further distinction in its class.

The allnew Tucson is designed for those who love to incorporate modern technologies into their daily habits and rely on them to improve their lives. The integration of technology and design is most evident in Tucson’s innovative daytime running lights, designed as halfmirror DRLs that are seamlessly accommodated within the parametric grid, and are only detected when lit.

The side profile of the new car also gives the impression of strong, continuous forward movement, the long hood and flat roof line, along with the long wheelbase and short ends, as if the car is in constant readiness, while the clear geometric corners and edges create a striking contrast between the elegant silhouette and clear wedge lines. . The chrome line that starts from the side mirrors follows the arch of the roof line with a gradual increase in thickness and creates an impression and visual sense of speed when it meets the rear of the car.

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And the dynamic character of the design extends to the rear, as the fullwidth taillight includes halfhidden triangular shapes that only appear when lit, as an echo of the DRL daytime running lights in the front, and the Hyundai logo has been raised up and integrated into the glass while the wiper also moves up and hides under the rear wing ( Spoiler), to further emphasize the new and pure dimension of design.

The colors available on Tucson are varied, with petrolbased models offering seven exterior colors: Cream White and Phantom Black, Sparkling Silver, Dreamy Gray, Amazonian Gray, Flaming Red and Deep Blue. Six of these seven colors are offered exclusively for the new Tucson. As for the Tucson hybrid models, it is presented in four colors: creamy white and Phantom Black, sparkling silver and deep blue. And the interior of the new Tucson comes in either black or gray, of fabric or leather.

The interior design, or “INTERSPACE” of the new Tucson, offers layered shapes that provide a sense of openness, serenity, spaciousness and calm, so that the interior becomes a place where space seamlessly blends space, advanced technology and information the vehicle user needs. The wide edge of the dashboard blends continuously with the doors, and wraps around the front row passengers like a deep walkway in an intimate look, while the integral, vertically oriented central façade slopes down to the console like a waterfall. Dual silver trims flowing from the center front into the rear doors elegantly blend with the distinct layered surface designed in complementary neutral colors, and the ambient lighting can be adjusted to 64 colors in 10 levels of brightness.

The interior design provides three new technologies, including a vertically designed 10.25inch dualtouch screen, a multiventilation system and an open digital instrument cluster without cover.These features create a hightech, new and exciting atmosphere, with a cushioned surface, as well as a number of other applications. Enhance the feeling of luxury. The Tucson’s secondrow seats feature folddowns to improve the ability to reconfigure the space between the passenger compartment and the rear cargo area and its cargo volume provides approximately 38.7 cubic feet of usable space.

Dynamics of control and driving

In its fourth generation Tucson introduces a 2.5liter Smartstream ™ powertrain, based on direct injection, fourcylinder, petrol engines, 1.6liter powertrain, turbocharged, directinjection, hybrid or plugin hybrid. The 2.5liter engine produces 190 horsepower and rated 182 lbft of torque. This engine is mated to an 8speed automatic transmission for excellent efficiency and acceleration.

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The 1.6liter hybrid powertrain produces an estimated 180 horsepower, with a combined power of 230 horsepower. It also produces 195 lbft. Of torque from a gasoline engine and 258 lbft of torque from a mixed powertrain. This new powertrain uses Adaptive Valve Timing (CVVD) technology introduced by Hyundai that manages valve opening time for optimum power, efficiency and emissions.

The new model has been tuned to provide agility and stability. Hyundai applied classfirst EHandling technology to HEV and PHEV models to help improve steering response and directional stability when cornering or in adverse driving conditions. The Tucson Commander gets more help from Hyundai’s HTRAC allwheel drive system, which provides assured grip on various road surfaces and conditions. The HTRAC system previously supported Eco / Comfort / Smart / Sport driving modes, its latest version with the new Tucson, adding mud, sand and snow in some markets to the roads on which the car is driven.

In terms of safety; Tucson offers more security features than ever before. Hyundai SmartSense’s set of safety features include: Highway Driving Aid (HDA), Forward Collision Avoidance Assist (FCA) with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), Lane Tracking Assist (LFA), Blind Spot Monitor, and Point Blindness Collision Warning System (BCW), Surround Vision Monitor, Reverse Collision Avoidance Assist (RPCA), Remote Intelligent Park Assist (RSPA), High Beam Assist (HBA) and Driver Warning (DAW).

The allnew Tucson is also available with exceptional advanced technology features including Blind Spot Collision Avoidance (BCA) with Rear Collision Avoidance Assist (RCCA), Advanced Intelligent Cruise Control (SCC) with Stop & Go and Safe Exit Warning. (SEW).

The best digital experience ever

Compact SUV buyers expect a lot from their cars. Mainly for; They expect to stay in touch wherever they go, and the new Tucson understands this and is working to provide this feature, providing bestinclass digital experiences that support diverse customer needs including continuous communication.

Hyundai Digital Key is an application that turns a customer’s smartphone into a smart key, and uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to detect authorized users, so they can operate their vehicle without a physical key. Customers can lock and unlock their vehicle, activate the alarm, start the engine and climate control system from up to 90 feet away.

The Tucson fully touch screen, the main place from which to control navigation, air, information and entertainment, demonstrates how the technology can be seamlessly integrated to provide a comfortable and easytouse user interface for vehicle users, including comfortable voice control. Tucson’s technology integration culminates with the topoftheline 10.25inch fulltouch navigation screen. The navigation system provides a splitscreen function that enables multitasking capabilities, as well as an enhanced voice recognition feature for voice commands.

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The new car offers advanced technologies that will be appreciated by customers as it will benefit them, whether in driving for work or for luxury. Tucson offers an 8inch color touch screen combined with Apple CarPlay® wireless and Android Auto®. Clients can connect two phones simultaneously. Bluetooth allows the driver and passenger to alternate between their playlists without disconnecting and reconnecting their own phones. BOSE Premium also delivers highquality sound. Thanks to the enhanced connection with smart devices; Customers can also check their schedules from inside the car along with an external calendar app and schedule their appointment as a destination.

A new Tucson Cartohome feature allows customers to control smart home devices from the vehicle. Meaning they can turn on the air conditioner at home before their arrival on hot and humid summer days. Moreover, Tucson’s new MultiCommand feature allows customers to “warm the car” including the heating system, heated steering wheel and seat heating with a single voice command.

Hyundai developed the direct and indirect ventilation system in Tucson against the advanced systems used on board aircraft to provide a new level of comfort. The car’s weather system monitors and filters the quality of the air inside. It indicates realtime air pollution levels on the display window with dual automatic temperature control with a fine dust detection sensor. So that the new Tucson becomes the first to feature a technology that reduces humidity from the evaporator and keeps the air conditioning system clean and free of odors, which helps to maintain a pleasant environment inside the car, and features from the car to the home and air purification are available in specific markets.

Tucson’s natural language voice recognition system includes speechtomeaning and meaningunderstanding technologies. In select markets, Blue Link is given free of charge for three years and includes remote start with climate control, remote door lock / unlock, stolen vehicle recovery, and audio destination search.

Tucson In Line N Line It moves to the world

Hyundai has introduced more production under the N Line of its models in recent months, broadening the presence of its highperformance N brand in global markets. Last year, the company introduced the Tucson N Line to the European market. For the allnew 2021 Tucson, Hyundai plans to introduce the N Line to the world with a launch date to be announced later.

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