Hussain Al-Ajmi songs The child Hussein Al-Ajmi, nicknamed Cub Yam, was able to achieve wide fame despite his young age. With his sweet voice, he was able to reach the hearts of millions of people in the Arab world through social networking sites. The site will display the contents of the most important songs of Hussein Al-Ajmi.

Hussain Al-Ajmi Wikipedia

He is a singer and social activist nicknamed the Cub Yam, who is only a decade old. Hussein Al-Ajmi became one of the famous people in the world of social media, after he was known for his strong jealousy for the symbols of the Saudi nation. The likes of King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman. He published a video clip of the child, Shibl Yam, attacking social activist Ghanem Al-Dosari, who is known for his harsh criticism of the ruling Al Saud family in Saudi Arabia. The latter replied to the child, saying: “He stayed with you and Salman,” and the intention was the homeland.[1]

Hussain Al-Ajmi songs

The young child Hussain Al-Ajmi presented many successful songs and songs that caused his great fame, the following are the most prominent of them:

  • The chant “I will live,” through which he wanted to send a message due to his rare illness, which he suffered and traveled to receive treatment.
  • what you know
  • Glory Banner
  • how are you
  • Zayed’s children
  • absence
  • I differ at night
  • “My Heart is in Your Hands” is his latest work.

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Hussein Al-Ajmi Biography

The following is the most prominent information available about the baby Cub Yam:

  • Name and surname: Hussein Al-Ajmi.
  • Nickname: cub yam
  • Title: the brave.
  • date of Birth: Born in the year 2012.
  • place of birth: Kingdom Saudi Arabia.
  • residence: Saudi Arabia.
  • the age: ten years.
  • Citizenship: Saudi.
  • Religion and belief: Muslim.
  • Educational attainment: Still an elementary school student.
  • Mother tongue: Arabic.
  • the work: Social activist and singer

Where is the origin of vocalist Hussein Al-Ajmi from?

Many believe that the child vocalist Hussein Al-Ajmi is of Saudi origin, because of his defense of Saudi Arabia and his recitation of many Saudi national anthems. But the truth is that Hussain Al-Ajmi is of Kuwaiti origin, but he was born and raised in Saudi Arabia with his parents. Cub Yam excelled in Saudi national anthems, although he is of Kuwaiti origin, but he showed a great affiliation to his birthplace, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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The cause of the death of Hussein Al-Ajmi, the Kuwaiti vocalist

The family of the child, Hussein Al-Ajmi, explained that the cause of his death was due to a traffic accident, in which he collided with a hard, strong object, which led to a severe head hemorrhage. This was followed by cardiac arrest lasting approximately 4 minutes, but he was promptly admitted to hospital. However, efforts to stop the bleeding, which lasted for days, did not work, and he suffered brain death until his death. His brother, Muhammad Al-Ajmi, had made it clear in a television interview on the “Ya Hala” program that his brother was in intensive care and his condition was unstable. After his death, he wrote on his Twitter account:

“God have mercy on you, Hussein, you hurt us, we miss you, and God makes you an intercessor for your parents and brothers. Your prayers, brothers, are for him.”

Here we come to the conclusion of our article in which we got acquainted with Hussain Al-Ajmi songs We also reviewed the biography of Hussein Al-Ajmi and the cause of his death. We also mentioned the origin of the vocalist Hussein Al-Ajmi.

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