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Tuesday November 24, 2020

Huawei registers a new patent for measuring temperature with a smartphone

Huawei still ranks among the most patented companies; From January to October, it registered 8,607 patents related to wireless communication technology.

In the new company, a report from Sina Tech About the Chinese giant’s registration of a new patent related to measuring the temperature of bodies with smart phones, the registration application was submitted on March 31, 2020.

It is titled “Graphical User Interface for Temperature Measurement and Display Results”, which means “a graphical user interface for measuring temperature and displaying results on the screen,” while it was officially announced on November 13, according to the report.

The summary of the patent indicated some details in that the process of measuring the temperature of the human body or other bodies is done through the camera of a smartphone or tablet device, and the result can be displayed on the screen of the used device!

Now it may sound familiar, especially since the company has launched two versions, the first Honer Play 4 and Porsche Huawei Mate 40 RS, both of which carry the feature of measuring temperature from -20 to 100 degrees Celsius via the IR camera; But for the new registration, the matter may be different if the company wants to include it in its upcoming phones, perhaps!

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