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Sunday November 22, 2020

Huawei officially sells Honor to avoid the USA ban

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Huawei has decided to officially sell the Honor brand, following all the past events of the United States ’ban on Huawei and preventing it from contracting with American companies or international companies dealing with US companies. This ban, as we said and as you followed on our website the last period, is a tragedy on Huawei from Weak profits and the inability to publish the phone globally as planned, Huawei tried to escape from the United States ban in many ways, but it always struggled with the decisions of the United States of America until it came to it that it lost Google services, and its contracts with many companies now Huawei sold the brand Honor to another company, so Honor can survive it so Huawei can solve its problems.

Huawei sells Honor

Huawei decided to sell its Honor brand to another company called Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology. The other company is not a fully Chinese company and therefore it will not be significantly exposed to any risk from the United States of America, and Huawei has completed the deal and officially announced it. Huawei indicated that from the date of completing the deal, Huawei will not have any income with the Honor brand, it will not participate in any decisions. Especially Boonur, you will not participate in the development of phones or provide them with anything, you will not participate in anything at all, and Honor will be responsible for all of its phones, and therefore it is free for any contracts with any company other than Huawei.

Huawei Officially Sells Honor to Avoid USA Ban 1

Honor announced that after Huawei has completed the sale, it will work on reaching all the required updates for the devices, whether from security updates or required software updates, nothing about Google service certificates or permits to contract with TSMC for processors, all in the matter is that they are officially not affiliated For Huawei, even there is no information about whether Honor will be able to use Huawei’s technologies in cameras and software or not, but we are waiting for any new news.


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