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Sunday January 19, 2020

Huawei makes a deal to use TomTom maps on its phones

Huawei has signed a deal with the Dutch company TomTom for digital maps and navigation services, allowing it to use its maps and services on its smartphones, indicating the possibility of abandoning Google Maps, at least in those phones that are not originally supported by Google.

After the American ban on Huawei, it found itself obliged to develop alternative services such as its operating system and even the mapping service, which is important for users, but with regard to mapping applications, its efficient development is long, so it was better to use the services of other leading companies other than Google itself.

Under the deal, Huawei will be able to use TomTom maps, traffic and navigation information to develop its own apps that put it on its smartphones. This means that we will see more new Huawei applications, perhaps, but it depends on the services of external companies, pending the development of its own and completely independent services.

TomTom was focused on selling car navigation devices, but last year it sold the sector to Bridgestone and became focused on digital services linked to maps and navigation.

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