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Wednesday July 15, 2020

Huawei has been banned in the United Kingdom

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Huawei has been developing 5G technologies in the UK. And the company’s projects have been continuing without interruption, despite the American embargo on the company. Huawei is still developing technology in England and the United Kingdom until the day 14/7, when the United Kingdom decided to stop, ban and prevent Huawei from developing technology within its territory. This is a new blow to the Chinese company. A major victory for US President Donald Trump in his problems with the company and China in general. We’ll talk a little more about this

What do we know?

  • Some time ago, the United States asked the United Kingdom to stop dealing with Huawei
  • The United Kingdom ignored it and continued to cooperate with it
  • Now suddenly the UK has decided to discontinue all dealing with Huawei

Huawei is now banned in the UK

Now the British government headed by English Prime Minister Boras Johnson has decided. Since January, the British government has been in political turmoil over the existence of Huawei, although it has announced that there is no objection to using Huawei equipment in developing the 5G technology, but within limits. This is a fair decision. Even in May, Donald Trump of the United States brought new sanctions and decisions about the company. More recently, Robert O’Brien, security adviser to Donald Trump, was at a meeting in Paris with representatives of Germany, Britain, and France to discuss the control of Beijing and Chinese companies. And now the decision to ban Huawei from developing 5G technologies in the UK


Huawei has been banned in the UK 1

Huawei and its problems

Since Donald Trump’s ban on the company began last year, Huawei has struggled to export its phones without Google services. With profits declining outside China. And a phase of confusion started the company to remedy itself and solve its problems soon. But Huawei phones are still difficult to use without Google services. Now its own App gallery offers a decent experience but Google services are important. And many applications do not work on Huawei phones because of this. Where?

We were expected to hear about the Huawei OS and leaks about the Harmony OS system from the company. We haven’t seen it yet. The company is still focusing on connecting its devices to each other. And improve her app Galley. How long? Its UK strike is also difficult. Huawei is making a great effort in developing 5G services. A country like the United Kingdom was a strength in its favor.

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