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Tuesday January 26, 2021

Huawei expects to open the first “environmental factory” outside China in 2023

It is expected that the first factory for the production of equipment, especially related to the fifth generation (5G) network, of the Chinese company “Huawei” for communications outside China “during the year 2023”, specifically in the Alsace region in eastern France, according to the project officials.
The construction work of the plant, which will be devoted to the manufacture of mobile network equipment, could begin early this year and the site could produce “the first mobile station in 2023,” said Catherine Chen, Vice President and Board Member of the Chinese Group, at a press conference at the headquarters of Huawei in the Gran East.

“Today is a historic day for Huawei” with “formalizing the creation of a production site” in Alsace, she added in a video message broadcast during the conference held to present the project and bring together representatives of the group and the Grand East region. She added that it would be “the first factory for the production of mobile equipment (of Huawei) outside China.”

On January 17th, Huawei announced its decision to establish its factory in the “Business Park” in Bruma, a town with a population of about 10 thousand people and located twenty kilometers from Strasbourg.

The Chinese group will invest 200 million euros in this site, which it called “Huawei European Wireless Factory”, which aims to produce the main equipment that form the wireless base stations for the European market, especially for the fifth generation network.

According to the group, the site is supposed to create 300 direct jobs and ultimately 500 jobs, and produce the equivalent of 1 billion euros in equipment annually.

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“It is a fruitful cooperation that will lead to the establishment of this future factory,” said the president of the Grand East region, Jean Rutten, noting that it is a “great investment.”

Huawei indicated in a statement that it wants to build an “environmental factory” in Bromma, especially by using “environmentally responsible building materials and processes” and “significantly reducing the impact of energy” produced from the factory.

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