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Tuesday January 26, 2021

Huawei confirms the incorrectness of a Reuters report on the sale of the Mate and P brands

The Chinese giant issued an official statement today in response to what was stated in a Reuters report about the start of talks to sell the company’s distinctive brands of Mate and P phones, and confirmed that the company will continue to compete in the phone market.

Reuters news network recently published a report in which it referred to talks that started between Huawei and one of the telecommunications companies with the aim of selling two of the company’s brands of the Mate and P phones, and the report also indicated expectations of Huawei’s exit from competition in the phone market.

A previous report from Reuters published during the month of October indicated that Huawei plans to sell its sub-brand Honor, and despite Huawei’s refusal to confirm what was stated in the report, the Chinese giant had definitely announced later that the brand would be officially sold.

Despite the confirmation of the Routers network on what was stated in today’s report about Huawei’s plans to sell two distinctive brands of the company’s phones, Huawei denied what was stated in the report confirming the company’s continued development of smartphones, without explaining many details about its upcoming plans.

On the other hand, Huawei faces many restrictions and obstacles to support its distinctive series of phones with processor chips, especially with the company’s stopping production of the Kirin series of processors, as well as restrictions imposed on both Qualcomm and MediaTek, which prevent the supply of distinctive chips to Huawei.


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