The steps of writing an expression in Arabic are considered one of the most important things that students must master, especially if they are at the gates of exams, as it is known that the test contains a question that tests their abilities to write an expression topic, so we will present in the article the sections of the topic of expression and conditions that must be adhered to during write it.

Expression Subject Sections

an introduction

In the introduction, the main topic is usually presented and the general idea of ​​the text is discussed. It usually does not exceed one paragraph, and contains a structural style such as the interrogative method or the exclamation method.


We start by talking about the branching ideas of the topic, and the presentation is usually divided into several paragraphs of up to three paragraphs or more, as it is considered the longest part of the text, and answers to all the questions that were raised in the introduction, and it is suitable for writing on different topics of social and religious topics. In it, such as the importance of the mosque, the media, and many others, but if you want your topic to be a story, you must adhere to the style of the art of the story and its components, specify the time, place, characters, plot and solution, and mix lightly between dialogue and narration in it. The following must be taken into account while writing the presentation:

  • Presenting sub-ideas sequentially, one idea after another, without distracting the reader, as you discuss the idea in all respects, so that you do not have to go back to it again and thus confuse the text.
  • Not to use the same words or phrases or repeat them in more than one form.
  • Avoid choosing colloquial words, and make sure to use fluent and grammatically correct words.
  • The use of aesthetic images in the text, similes and interesting methods that give pleasure while reading.
  • Avoid making spelling and grammatical errors while writing the text.
  • The use of evidence from the Qur’an, Sunnah, aphorisms, eloquent poetry, or wisdom.
  • Taking into account the beauty and clarity of the line while writing and avoiding speed.
  • Leave enough spaces between each word and the second, and between the lines themselves.
  • There are some general ideas that are suitable for use in most topics, such as: the opinion of religion on this issue, in addition to the role of the home, school and society in it. If the topic talks about a global topic or phenomenon, the manifestations can be discussed, causes and solutions.
  • Remember, after completing each paragraph, refer to it and read it to make sure that its ideas are coherent and free from errors.


In it, a summary of the topic of expression is presented, and the personality and style of the writer appears, and he can present a solution to the problem or a suggestion and future recommendations.

How to write an expression topic

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