Writing a topic in Arabic

The breadth and comprehensiveness of the Arabic language constituted an important detail in helping individuals to express everything that goes on in their minds, and in order to express what is inside them or their thoughts.

This includes individuals of different intellectual and educational levels, and this feature is unique to the Arabic language, as there is no language that carries a huge amount of synonymous and opposing vocabulary for expression. Ultimate creativity.

Definition of the topic

The topic takes several definitions, and each individual in the community defines the topic according to how he uses this term. For this idea, and the expression in this case is mostly in the tongue, and is known under the term oral expression, and there is another group of Arabic scholars, who know the subject as the disclosure of man’s secrets with his pen, through the use of language and its vocabulary, and the combination of these vocabulary in beautiful and sound ways, within Consecutive paragraphs, and this is with the aim of developing the idea of ​​the person and developing and developing thought and self-expression at the same time, and this definition is in circulation under the name of written expression.

How to write a topic

To write an article about any idea, there are steps that no writer can ignore, and the work is not complete without them. The sum of these steps is summarized as follows:

  • Determining the main idea that the writer will address, what set of methods he will use in his topic, and what way he will present the topic, and it is assumed that the methods will be followed to endear the reader to the topic.
  • Determining the joints and parts of the topic, i.e. what are the partial ideas that the writer will talk about in his topic, and these stages are prior to starting writing and creative work, and it is desirable to write these ideas on an external paper.
  • Start writing the introduction, and the introduction has different forms, including poetic or religious texts, including prose texts, and if the writer uses an external text and begins with it, it is necessary to have a comment following those texts.
  • Writing the body of the topic, through the use of partial ideas affiliated with the mother idea, with clarification of these ideas and discussing them in scientific ways far from whims, mentioning the evidence and citing the Qur’an and Sunnah, and the sayings of the righteous predecessors, and some scholars define the body of the topic with three consecutive paragraphs, at least, in which three are mentioned Different ideas, which constitute a debate on this topic, and you have more than that if the topic requires.
  • Writing the conclusion, which is the last thing written on the subject, and the conclusion can be a new idea and a comment on it, or a set of results and recommendations that the writer concluded.

How to write a topic in Arabic

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