the story

The story is defined as a sequence of events that may be realistic or fictional, and the aim of which is to bring fun and joy to story lovers, and is characterized by provoking the element of suspense and reconnaissance for the reader. Including the lessons and experiences that others are exposed to.[1]

The importance of the story

In order for the story to be valuable and attract the reader, it must be built on sound and solid foundations and rules, and free from any defects mentioned, because this detracts from its importance, quality and the purpose for which this story was written, and the correct way to write the story must be adhered to, so we will show how to write The story the right way.[2]

Story writing steps

The steps that every writer who wants to write a story must follow when writing this story, which are:[3]

  • Choosing the topic carefully and accurately, and this topic must be distinctive and valuable and aim for a lofty idea, the writer through this story communicates it to the readers, to take the lesson from this story, which must revolve around an issue or problem related to the readers, or wrong behaviors that must To be changed, and other topics that are directly related to the lives of individuals.
  • Focus on that the way and style of writing the story is characterized by simplicity, elegance and ease in narrating and writing events, avoiding care and focusing on words at the expense of style, because the most important thing that distinguishes the story from other literary and written arts is its distinctive style in presenting the basic idea of ​​it.
  • The writer must avoid exaggerating and exaggerating the events if the context does not require that, i.e. writing unnecessary and important events for the story, just to intensify the writing and events, as this weakens the story and is dominated by the nature of boredom and prolongation in unnecessary and purposeless events.
  • Attention and care in how the story is coordinated, it must be coordinated in a way that comforts the reader, by spacing between words, and avoiding them with each other, and the writer can include in his story some images and symbols, which attract the reader to this story.
  • The writer must be familiar with important writings of famous writers, in order to see the way of writing, and to obtain a huge amount of information and vocabulary that helps him to be able to write.
  • It is not necessary to commit to the story being realistic in order to attract the reader, there are many successful and famous fictional stories at a high level, so diversification must be done when writing stories, and the reader can integrate reality and fiction at the same time.
  • The writer must take into account the fact that the story touches the reader’s reality, so the reader must feel when he reads it that it speaks about him, and stirs his feelings and feelings.

the reviewer

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How do I write a story

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