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Monday December 2, 2019

How to write a simple and easy personal statement for universities?

Take a look at these personal statement examples to guide you when writing yours, from talking about hobbies to finishing with a bang…

Your personal statement is one of the main things universities will look at when deciding whether to offer you a place. This is your chance to sell yourself and show them who you are beyond your grades.

We know this can be tricky to do, especially since it’s unlikely you’ll have written something like this before. So we asked careers expert Cerys Evans to share some personal statement examples to illustrate the tone, language, structure, and content you should be aiming for.

But remember, these are just examples to guide you. Don’t just copy and change the odd word. Universities take plagiarism seriously (and it’s called a personal statement for a reason).

This feature gives examples of how to write:

  • an introduction to your personal statement
  • about your subject
  • about multiple subject courses, or when applying to a joint honors course
  • about your hobbies and your work experience
  • an ending to your personal statement.

Your introduction: personal statement example

Sometimes the hardest part is starting off! It can be difficult to know what to open within your personal statement before getting to the meat of it.

Use the example of the beginning of a personal statement as inspiration to get your mind whirring about how you can start yours.

Personal statement introduction example

Writing about your subject: personal statement example

This should be at the heart of your personal statement. It’s where you show your passion for the subject you want to study for three to four years, in-depth. Make sure you spend some time in this section.

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Personal statement subject example

Applying for multiple subjects or a joint honors course: personal statement example

With so many courses to choose from, it might be difficult to limit your Ucas choices to just one subject. Alternatively, you may be applying for a combined or joint honors course.

As above, make sure you look at common themes across the courses you’re applying for or focus on the overall skills you need for all the subjects.

To guide you in finding the right balance, check out this example from a personal statement to study maths and philosophy:

multiple subjects personal statement example

Writing about your hobbies and work experience: personal statement example

It’s important to highlight any extracurricular activities you’ve gained over the past few years, whether it be hobbies or work experience, paid or unpaid. Pick out key skills, knowledge, and lessons you’ve learned, and relate them back to your course choices and understanding of your subject.

See an example of how hobbies and work experience can be woven into a personal statement:

Your ending: personal statement example

It’s time for your statement’s big finale, where you leave your lasting impression on the admissions tutor reading your statement.

Here, you might want to write about your hopes for the future or what you want to accomplish by studying this subject, as in the example below:

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