Scientific Articles

In-depth study in various scientific fields, both theoretical and practical, includes reading and studying many scientific articles that are spread between the pages of various specialized journals and on the pages of websites. Both specialists and students can write scientific articles in which they present their views on a topic or scientific problem. The relationship, or to re-discuss one of the scientific points for discussion again after the emergence of developments from recent discoveries or relevant research.

The possibility of writing these articles without going through many difficulties increases in the fields of humanities that are theoretical and not fixed to a large extent, and depend on the opinion and the other opinion.

How to write a short scientific article

Initial writing

The first step in writing scientific articles begins by defining the topic of the article in an accurate way, so that it deals with a scientific aspect from a new point of view that has not been addressed before, and working on in-depth reading on that scientific point by compiling previous research and articles and writing down the most useful scientific points for the content of the article, whether they were Supporting or opposing the author’s point of view.

Then the article begins to be written in an initial form, so that the writer presents all the ideas in his mind in addition to the information contained in the previous research, so that the initial writing is a scientific summary of no more than two hundred words, and it consists of a small introduction, one paragraph in the heart of the topic, and then a brief conclusion .

final writing

If the required scientific article is supposed to be short in terms of the number of words, then the writer must rely on focusing ideas and choosing the appropriate words carefully to communicate scientific facts and evidence directly and without leaving space for confusion for the reader.

The article begins with the introduction paragraph in which the writer gives a general overview of the scientific issue to which he is exposed, and the point covered by the article with explanation and clarification, so that it moves from the general talk to the specific in the introduction, and this is followed by the core of the article in which the writer explains the basic premises of the scientific topic and the data of applied research If any, and the results of each of them with supporting those results with evidence and evidence, and finally the conclusion paragraph, which is a summary of what the article is talking about, with the possibility of making a recommendation for the various scientific bodies to research and delve deeper into the subject of the article.

Then the writer provides a list of references and sources that he relied on to support his article, using the established methodology, which is to mention the name of the writer, then the name of the book, the page number, the name of the publisher and the date of publication.

How to write a short scientific article

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