Introduction to the official letter

Writing in official letters should be in a very simple and clear manner, taking care not to make the letter too long, or to use informal language. It is also indicated that the official letter should contain the following addresses: The upper right of the message, and the address of the addressee to the left below the address of the sender directly, then leave the amount of a line after the address and write the date, and the month to be in words, and then salutations and salutations, which is the word sir or madam, and then the name of the person being addressed.[1]

Text of the official letter

It is preferable to first know the name and address of the responsible person for whom the letter will be written. It is noteworthy that using the office address and the official’s full name indicates more respect, and then the topic is started directly and without any introduction, which is the reason for writing the letter, followed by some details on the topic, He explained the position of the letter writer on this subject; An example of this is to state the general impact that a decision may have, and to describe in detail how this decision may lead to the expected effect, all in sound and clear language, bearing in mind that the length of the message text varies according to its subject and goal, but usually It consists of three to five paragraphs, with the need to leave a space at the beginning of each paragraph.[2][3]

End of the official letter

The letter can be finished by inserting a thank you phrase such as (Sincerely) or (Sincerely) or (Your Sincerely), leaving three to four lines, then writing the name of the official writer as it appears in his CV, and above the full name The signature is written in blue or black ink, with the possibility of writing the title as well.[1][3]

the reviewer

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How to write a formal letter

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