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Personal data

Personal data usually includes a person’s name, address, date of birth, phone number, and e-mail, and in some countries, such as some European countries, the CV can include a personal photo in the upper right corner of the biography, and when placing the picture on the CV it must be This picture is of the head and shoulders, and that his robe is appropriate, with a slight smile.[1]


The person should include his field of specialization, the type of scientific certificate, in addition to the date of completing the requirements for each certificate after the high school certificate, adding the titles of the theses, and the scientific theses that the person has completed. In the event that the certificate requirements are not completed; It can indicate the expected graduation date.[2]

Practical experiences

A person can add his practical experience to the resume in two ways, namely:[3]

  • Time format: It starts with mentioning the most recent job and the oldest, so that it puts the type of position he occupied (the job title), the name of the company, and mentions the responsibilities entrusted to him, and he can mention his skills in each position.
  • Job coordination: The basics are mentioned, such as: position, company name, and duration of work. This type focuses on personal skills, rather than the positions he occupied.

Job coordination is best for people who change jobs, for higher-level executives, and for those who have been out of work for a long time. Mixed design uses both designs, although it is longer and starts with personal skills and accomplishments, then lists scientific experiences in chronological order.[3]

Skills and achievements

The person can mention the skills and great personal achievements that are related to the type of job required in a paragraph following the practical experiences when writing the CV according to the chronological format; For example, a person applying for a graphic designer job can indicate his mastery of Photoshop, and other programs, but when writing a CV according to functional or mixed format; This section should be listed before practical skills, in this case sub-headings for skills or personal achievements with a short description.[3]


The person should mention the names of the referrals, their phone numbers, and their e-mail addresses, but permission should be taken from them to include their names in the list of the referrals, and they will speak positively about it.[2]

Some general advice

The person should write the CV in the best possible way; Therefore, it is recommended to follow the following tips to achieve this:[4]

  • Avoid typos, spelling and grammatical errors in your CV; Where these errors can appear that the writer did not put enough time to write it, or that he believes that the details are not important, but the CV arranged, and free of errors, helps to show the professionalism of the person, and it is better for a person who is proficient in English to check the CV to ensure its accuracy .
  • Writing accomplishments, not duties. For example, a person can replace the phrase “responsible for asking for shares,” which makes the resume appear as a description of the nature of the work, with a description of what he has done, and the positive result of it.
  • use of the active voice instead of the passive voice; To make the CV more effective.
  • Avoid sending the same resume to hundreds of employers; not to be public; So the person should adjust his CV so that the skills related to the required job become clearer each time.
  • The resume should be easy to read, tidy, and not include too much information to make it look messy. Long paragraphs should be avoided, and short sentences and bullet points should be included to make it easier to read.
  • The length of the resume should not exceed two pages, except when the person has a large number of job-related experiences, but if the person is a beginner, one page is sufficient.

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