senna herb

Senna is considered one of the ancient medicinal herbs that many people accept to use for many purposes, and senna is a herb that grows in Africa and in the Arabian Peninsula, especially in Yemen and southern Saudi Arabia. It is famous for its feathery leaves, flowers that range in color from yellow to orange, and fruits that resemble the fruits of beans that carry gray seeds inside.

The senna plant contains many medicinal properties, especially in the leaves and fruits. Such as volatile oils, flavonoids, and gels, which made it a laxative and a stimulant for the body.

The benefits of the senna herb

  • Strong laxative.
  • Fighting viruses and fungi.
  • Fighting acute and chronic constipation.
  • Useful in muscle spasms, as it contributes to getting rid of muscle spasms and relaxation through relaxing the nerves.
  • Rid the body of toxins, and improve the functioning of the liver.
  • Elimination of hemorrhoids.
  • Getting rid of stomach gas.
  • Elimination of lice.
  • Fighting scabies, itching, and pimples.
  • Useful for back and hip pain.
  • fight headaches;
  • losing weight.
  • Increased fluid secretion in the colon.

How to use the senna herb

The senna herb is available in perfumery stores either in the form of leaves or dry fruits, and when obtained, it is used either by soaking or by cooking it, and sometimes it is sold in the form of tablets available in pharmacies, and senna is used in several ways, including:

  • A handful of senna leaves are taken at the rate of a fist for every two cups of water, and boiled with water for only half an hour, and left aside until the morning until it is filtered, then drink boiled senna on an empty stomach and it is advised not to drink or eat after eating boiled only after four hours, preferably Drink hot tea after that, and sometimes anise, tamarind, nigella, or chamomile are added to it to reduce its severity.
  • Boil the fruits or seeds of senna and take three fruits for each cup of boiling water, with the addition of two cloves and half a teaspoon of ground ginger. After leaving it until the morning, it is preferable to filter it and drink it on an empty stomach. It is recommended to eat and drink two hours after drinking boiled senna once a week.

Warnings about eating the senna herb

  • Pregnant and lactating women should not take senna.
  • It is forbidden to take it in case of bowel obstruction, acute enteritis and appendicitis.
  • You should consult a doctor in case of increased sensitivity of the intestine.

Tips when using the senna herb

  • It is preferable to walk half an hour after drinking senna, eat a light breakfast, drink hot drinks anise and chamomile, eat soups for lunch, and eat various dishes for dinner.
  • It is recommended to drink boiled senna when there is a need and necessity, and it is okay to drink it once a month as a preventive treatment for the body, and sometimes once a year.

How to use the senna herb and its benefits

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