How to use 3G on the phone

Most cell phones have the service of the third generation network (3G), which is widely used in browsing various Internet sites, instant messaging, and can also be used to access e-mail, check incoming messages, and can also be used to make calls for free, whether Whether it is local or international, so to use the 3G network in the phone, it is necessary to have a phone that supports the connection to the third generation network, in addition to having a SIM card that allows connection to the third generation network, and finally, there must be a data connection through which the phone can connect to the Internet, Which is usually paid through a monthly amount of money for a certain amount of megabytes, and then the phone is configured to start using the 3G network.[1]

How to activate 3G in the phone

The third generation (3G) network is activated by following the following steps:[2]

  • Insert the (3G) SIM card into its designated place on the phone.
  • Turn on the phone, and go to settings.
  • Login to connect to networks.
  • Mobile networks option test.
  • Choose to automatically search for the available network, to be selected automatically.
  • Click on the network, to be activated, and thus you can start using the third generation network, to connect to the Internet, and take advantage of the available services.

The difference between (3G) and (Wi-Fi)

Both the third generation network and (Wi-Fi) networks allow access to the Internet via a mobile phone, but there is a difference between them on the service provider side, where the phone is provided with a 3G network via the same radio waves that transmit sounds through phone calls, As for the (Wi-Fi) network, it is provided through the (DSL) cable that is connected with the wireless router that provides the (Wi-Fi) connection service. There is also a difference between them in that the third generation network is available for use everywhere, unlike The Wi-Fi network that needs to be within range of the wireless router.[3]

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How to use 3G on the phone

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