It is the powder found in flowers, the pollen of flowers and the male reproductive organs in plants, which are attached to the body of the bee, and the function of the bee is to collect everything that is suspended in those pockets of powder and then bring it to the hive.

It should be noted that in the cell there are special traps for that powder that collects in it, and then it is extracted from the cell. Pollen contains protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fats, and it is also called pollen, which is very small grains, as it needs 14,000 pollen grains to weigh one kilogram.

It has many great health benefits for the human body, and the best time to eat and use pollen is in the early morning, where it is recommended to eat 30 grams per day and prefer to mix it with honey. And through this article, we will talk about the most important benefits of pollen and its uses as well.

Benefits of pollen

  • It helps in the treatment of cancerous tumors, as it contains mineral elements and other substances such as unsaturated fatty acids, and it also works to disrupt the growth of cancer cells in animals and humans as well, and can be used by mixing pollen with honey and royal jelly and then eating it to prevent the emergence of malignant tumors and disrupt growth if it appears.
  • It prevents atherosclerosis, which means that the amount of blood reaching the various organs and systems of the body is significantly reduced, and therefore it protects against stroke and various chest diseases. Studies have shown that the pollen has effective properties for the weak heart muscle, and for the best results, pollen can be mixed with Honey and eat it regularly.
  • Delays the appearance of early signs of aging, such as regression of eyesight or hardening of the lens of the eye, and bone erosion, which affects women more than men, especially after menopause.
  • It prevents arthritis, such as the knee, shoulder, and other joints.
  • It helps in the treatment of chronic alcoholism, as it works to purify the blood of nicotine, especially in smokers.
  • It treats tooth and gum pain and inflammation, and boosts the body’s immunity against influenza and cystitis.
  • Prevents hair loss because it contains rutin.
  • It treats anemia, especially in children, because it contains elements and vitamins, especially iron.
  • It treats sexual weakness, especially in men, as it increases the ability to have an erection and thus treats infertility, which results from weak semen, as it activates and nourishes the gonads and the male and female reproductive system as well because it contains natural stimulant hormones that increase fertility.

How to use the pollen

For adults, 40 grams can be taken as a first dose, which is called the shock dose, and in the second dose, 15 to 20 grams are taken, which is called a continuation dose. Eating 10 to 15 grams.

How to use the pollen

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