The nerve of modern life, and the basis of industrial society, which is a group of flowing electric charges, which were widely used in the late nineteenth century. Since ancient times, by chance, amber is the first material used to obtain electricity, then static electricity was discovered, which was obtained through rubbing.[1]

The importance of electricity

Moving electricity (electricity) appeared, which plays an important role in the field of electricity, and it is either a direct current or an alternating current, so the movement of charges in a certain direction and a certain amount is called “continuous current”, while the charges that constantly change their path and amount are called “alternating current”, and it returns The credit for discovering electricity goes to Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Baron Kelvin, and Nicholas Tesla. Despite the importance of electricity, on which humans depend completely at the present time, it is very dangerous, as ignorance in its use causes damage, and sometimes leads to death, so It is necessary to be careful and careful when using electricity in buildings, facilities, homes, and everywhere, and we will explain through this article how to use electricity in a safe way. [2]

How to use electricity in a safe way

  • Reducing the use of many electrical appliances inside the house, in order to reduce the electrical load on electrical sockets.[3]
  • Take care to cover the electrical sockets with an electrically insulating plastic cover, and avoid the use of materials that conduct electrical current, such as metal covers.
  • Constant replacement of damaged wires from time to time.
  • Keep electrical cords away from heaters or thermal materials.
  • Avoid heavy use in removing plugs or cables, so as not to cause an electrical short.
  • Do not use pins or sharp tools that conduct electricity inside electrical sockets.
  • Avoid placing electrical appliances near fabrics such as curtains, sofa sets, or any highly flammable materials.
  • To avoid many accidents caused by electricity, it is preferable to use well-made electrical connections, with good electrical voltage.
  • Keeping electrical appliances away from water, and not using it to clean them, to avoid an electrical short, because water is a material that conducts electricity.
  • Stay away from high-pressure electricity areas, and place warning signs that indicate this.
  • In the event of a sudden electrical short, the electrical distribution panels in the place must be quickly closed.

the reviewer

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How to use electricity in a safe way

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