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Monday November 23, 2020

How to use automatic scanning in WhatsApp

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The automatic wipe feature in WhatsApp is one of the features that many have demanded over the entire life of the program since its inception.

This feature is not considered a revolutionary feature or appears for the first time, as it has been present for a long time in many instant chat programs such as Telegram and even the Faecebook Messnger program that comes from the same company that owns WhatsApp.

Finally, after many requests, the company introduced this new feature within the WhatsApp program and it became possible to use it easily within the program, and this will be obtained if you have the latest version of the WhatsApp program installed to you.

Why do you need the automatic scanning feature or the Disappearing Messages?

This feature is one of the features directed mainly in terms of privacy and preservation of privacy in order to be able to protect your privacy and protect your messages.

In other applications, it may be called as Secert Messages or Secret Chats, and it includes a variety of security settings such as not being able to take a Screenshoot, record it, or forward it to another person.

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But the WhatsApp version will make the messages disappear or be deleted automatically after 7 days.

You cannot control this period and you cannot completely amend it, at least until now, but it is expected that more privacy options will be added to it.

How to run automatic scanning in WhatsApp?

All users on all systems can now access this update. Just make sure that you install it beforehand by updating and upgrading to the latest existing version of WhatsApp in your own software store.

Now open the WhatsApp program and then go to any conversation you want to make it secret or make new messages in it disappear after 7 days, then open its settings and then click on Disappering Messages or auto-delete in Arabic-language phones.

Automatic Whatsapp scanning

This will take you to the feature’s settings screen. Put it on or on.

Now any message you send after this moment will be deleted automatically after 7 days.

You can watch the video The following is for a clearer and better explanation:

This feature does not work with groups unless you are the group manager, and it will not work on old messages or those messages before you activate the feature.

Also, the other party can easily keep messages by taking a Screenshot or by resending them to another party, which is more dangerous than simply keeping the messages or even deleting them automatically.

Of course, the feature is still in its first steps, and it is expected that the feature will get more updates over time and improvements to become more secure.

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