How to upload a video to YouTube

Anyone wishing to upload any video from their computer or mobile device to YouTube must do the following:[1]

  • Youtube account login.
  • Click on the Download tab at the top of the page.
  • Choose a video download command.
  • Adjust privacy settings before starting the video upload process.
  • Choose the video to download to YouTube from your computer, knowing that the video can be downloaded from Google Photos.
  • Make some basic adjustments and advanced settings for the video data during the YouTube upload process with adding hints for YouTube subscribers.
  • Click on the publish command to finish the upload process to YouTube.
  • Not pressing publish will make the video unavailable for viewing by others.
  • Receive a message from YouTube on the e-mail stating that the video has been published.

The importance of using YouTube for business marketing

The reason for the wide and strong spread of YouTube is the adoption of celebrities and artists to publish their work and activities on YouTube, and it is also possible to market personal works through YouTube after understanding the following points of importance:[2]

  • High ability to attract the attention of the general public.
  • The huge number of viewers on YouTube.
  • Fast marketing and ultra-fast content exchange and sharing.
  • Multiple channels dedicated to promoting products.
  • YouTube’s joining the Google group gives it an advantage as a component of the top-ranking search engines.

facts about youtube

YouTube is one of the most watched websites in the world, and what most people do not know is that the videos shown on this large site during a period of 60 days are equivalent to the total work of 3 American television networks over 60 years. The following are the most prominent facts about YouTube:[3]

  • The idea of ​​creating YouTube came from several employees who were working for PayPal.
  • The idea of ​​YouTube started as a dating and relationship building site.
  • The first video was published on YouTube on April 23, 2005 AD, and it gained 4,282,497 views.
  • Most YouTube views are from outside the United States of America.

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How to upload a video to YouTube

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