an introduction

We often feel that we are going through a phase of indifference that ends at the end of the day without achieving any achievements on the ground, and perhaps the circumstances we are going through, and what is happening around us is what makes us feel that we are completely unable to realize what is going through us, and this is something we are almost used to. And it has become an integral part of the bitter reality in which we live, and if it were not for this, it would have become obvious to deal with life in a clearer manner, but we saw that it is first to know what we think, how to calculate our days, and our way of life before we touch on understanding the life around us.

self understanding

To understand myself means to devote the muscular and mental effort to the success of this step, which is a real way to deal with life in an easy way, and without causing us any problems that may destroy our lives, and eliminate the rest of it, and our talk today will revolve around the most prominent ways that It helps us understand the self and the decent life that we can live, away from irrational thinking about things that are far from comfort and guidance in life in general, the most important of which are the following:

Learn Abilities

Many of us fall into the trap of flaunting our abilities, and it becomes very difficult when we are asked to complete some tasks that limit our abilities, and make us completely incapable of the things we thought we could do, and this is not a shame at all, it is an honor to try every time.

Avoid internal defects

Many people know that they have many defects, but recognizing these defects may be considered a defect in itself. Without affecting your future, or destroying the beautiful things inside you, and addressing such a matter requires a lot of courage, and more than the ability to overcome the human weakness that exists within each person, and create with him by instinct.

Completing character deficiencies

This is not a defect at all, for God Almighty created each of us with many positive things, and next to them are negative things that detract from our personality, and accelerate our weakness in front of others, and to get rid of this matter we must be well aware of the cause of these shortcomings, and try to complete what We have a defect, because the repetition of this matter may affect our relations with others, and make us a laughing stock in front of everyone around us, and no one wants to be so at the present time, especially in light of openness, and the person’s belief that he can be the most beautiful thing in the light of The general ugliness that surrounds us on every side.

Not to brag about something beyond your ability

If you want to understand yourself, and learn how to maintain your relationships, do not brag about the things that you are unable to do, or that you have not really tried to do, this may reduce your credibility, and make you invisible to others, and this is what you do not want, and in my view The attempt is the best proof. If you want to set a good example for others, and for yourself first, there is nothing wrong with a little bragging if you are able to try it, even if the experience leads to failure.

Learn about personality traits

There are many things that beautify each person from the inside and the outside, and this is one hundred percent true, and it seems that we carry many advantages in ourselves, but we are not able to translate them on the ground. You are able to employ these features within you, and you try in every possible way to enhance them, cherish them, and work on developing them until they are compatible with the course of the times.

capacity investment

This is the most effective way to help you know your needs, and what is compatible with your abilities and your mental and muscular age. Always try not to leave yourself to weakness and weakness, rise and strive, and invest what is inside you of effort, and do not confuse yourself with heavy things that do not suit you at all, every time has its course And the importance of what happens to him, so leave these matters aside and discuss what you can do, for this is the best way to success and brilliant excellence.

appreciation of others

Respect for others is a characteristic of polite people, capable of self-control, and respect for views away from intolerance and excessive tribalism. It hurts you, and try not to deal with people who are older or younger than you, because that will not help at all.

Repairing what is corrupted by eternity

There are many things that we feel have covered our lives, and our beautiful reality, and made it a great monster chasing us, until our dreams were lost in the air, and understanding the world became one of the difficult things that we are not good at at all, and in order to understand yourself you have to put all these things aside, And try to fix the bitter image that formed as a result of these incidents that have crossed your mind, or in your life in general.

Accept failure followed by success

No success comes unless after many failed experiences, this is the rule that you must learn in order to get a clear way of self-understanding, and accepting failure is the first steps of success and progress, and perhaps this matter may harm others, and discourage them, but you, be persistent, and do not You care about the opinions of others, for they are nothing but words that are lost in the air, neither forward nor backward at all.

Self-reliance according to ability

Be the friend, the lover, and the role model in the eyes of others, so that you can limit yourself, and be able to know what is going on inside you. We have the idea to understand who we are, and what we always want.

In conclusion, the first steps that you must take to understand reality must stem from yourself, and you should be the judge and authority over yourself, so do not let others dominate your life, and do not ask anyone for help in the things that you can do, and also be sure that God It does not cost a soul beyond its power, as this is the meaning that you must carry in the folds of your life in order to understand yourself in the right way that will transport you from the land of dreams to the land of tangible reality that introduces you to practical life with steady steps towards great glory, God Almighty, the Most High, and these are the tips that we wanted To share it with you to be more responsible for the things you want to do in the near or distant future.

How to understand the self