Play iPhone on TV

Apple devices are characterized by having larger screens than the screens of their counterparts from smart devices, which allows for a better display of images and videos, in addition, the process of connecting the iPhone to the TV seems easy and beneficial to its users as well. The method of connection is using the so-called Lightning Digital AV Adapter Probably the easiest way to connect the iPhone or iPad to the TV. The price of this piece is $49. It is worth noting that an HDMI cable is required. Here are the steps for using this digital connection:[1]

  • Connect the HDMI cable from one end to its input on the TV screen.
  • Connect the digital link to the iPhone.
  • Connect the charger cable to the digital connector.
  • Turn on the TV screen and make sure that it is displayed through the HDMI cable, as the iPhone screen will appear on the TV screen. minutes, and then start playing any video clip from the iPhone to be shown on the TV screen directly.

Transfer contacts from computer to iPhone

iPhone users can maintain contacts and their data despite changing their devices from time to time, in addition to emails and addresses, as this data can be transferred from the computer to the iPhone using the iTunes or iCloud application, and the following shows how to use each of the two applications (iTunes and iCloud):[2]

Transfer Contacts Using iTunes

  • Connect the iPhone to the computer and launch the iTunes program on the computer.
  • Choose your iPhone from the list of listed iPhones.
  • Click on the Information tab on the left side of the iTunes screen.
  • Put a check mark in place of the command Sync Contacts, then choose the program on the computer from which the contacts will be transferred, and then press the All contacts button.
  • Press the Apply button to save the settings and complete the process of transferring the selected contacts to the iPhone.

Transfer contacts using icloud

  • Download and install iCloud on your computer.
  • Open the iCloud application and log in with the same information as the iCloud account on the iPhone.
  • Put a check mark in the box next to the item (e-mail, contacts, calendar, tasks) and then press the “Execute” command.
  • Enter the device settings menu on the iPhone and press the iCloud tab in the main menu.
  • Activate the button next to the “Contacts” option to enable the automatic electronic sync feature between your computer and iPhone.

How to make an iPhone update

iPhone users can update their devices using Wi-Fi by following these steps:[3]

  • Connect your iPhone to the charger and then connect it to the Internet through Wi-Fi.
  • Click on the Settings option, then enter the General tab.
  • Choose the Software Update item, then click on the Download and Install button.
  • Clicking on the Install button to start the update process, or you can postpone the update time to another time by clicking on Later, where you can postpone the update time to the period before bedtime by clicking on Install during the night.
  • Enter the passcode if requested.

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How to play iPhone on TV

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