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Wednesday December 18, 2019

How to turn a mobile phone into a computer

There is no doubt that the mobile phone today equals home computers a force in hardware or at least parallels weak or non-specialized home appliances for heavy work.

And with the increase in the power of the mobile phone, everyone has seen it in an attempt to dispense with home appliances and to have an opportunity to carry all of your work with you in your pocket, but the question that arises today is, can you really do without a computer?

Sure, you won't be able to do without, but that does not mean that you can turn your mobile phone into a large-screen computer, keyboard and mouse, and this of course is very suitable for those who like to play mobile games like PUBG for example.

You should only note that some weak mobile phones will not be able to operate these features and you will not be able to take advantage of these features, so at least your phone must support the use of external screens.

At first you will need to Three main components are:

  • External screen
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard

Of course, you can do without all external monitors if you have a ChromeCast that helps you act as the external monitor.

Screen playback with IOS mobile phone:

Of course with IOS phones it is easier, because all phones carry the ability to operate the external screen as soon as you find a link to convert from Lighting to HDMI and you will find that the phone works easily and smoothly, and using a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse, you now have a phone that works on a large screen.

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Screen playback with Android mobile:

By using ChromeCast to display the screen or Mirroring the phone's screen on the external screen or TV, the only drawback that you may face with this method is poor communication and sudden pauses, and this means that you may have difficulty playing videos and other things that need a fast Stream, but This is an inexpensive price that you can pay instead of looking for an adapter to connect the screen to your own phone, and some have ports to play HDMI and USB of all kinds.

Now with Android phones, it can be a little complicated. To start, you need to know if your mobile phone supports the features of external screens, or not? Of course, all the top phones from companies like the Galaxy S and Mate from Huawei support this feature, but like the Pixel and the oneplus 6t do not support this feature, you will need the ChromeCast to be able to operate it easily and without any problem.

But the pivotal idea is to find a way to work with your phone specifically and the general way is to use Mirroring or Airplay depending on the type of operating system of your phone with the use of a keyboard and a wireless mouse.

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