Dogs are among the pets that some people enjoy raising in their homes, and this pleasure increases for these people if they succeed in teaching these dogs and taming them to obey the orders of those who keep them. What are the foundations and rules that make you successful in raising dogs?

When should you start training

You can start training the dog after it exceeds the age of five months, so that it can absorb the complex training lessons, as it is at that age that it is mentally and physically qualified to receive the various lessons

It should be mentioned that the dog breeder should start these lessons after he has successfully trained his dog on some simple basic exercises

Teaching a dog to sit on the saddle

This training is to teach the dog to sit still and without a chain on its seat so that its body and head are in a perpendicular position to the ground and the face is forward and the eyes look steadily forward and upward

The training begins by installing the training chain and strangling, then walking the dog first in random directions until it becomes calm and responding to what you will command, then suddenly the trainer stands and pronounces the training pronunciation of this matter with the pronunciation of the dog’s name with this pronunciation, and the trainer presses with the left hand on the back of the dog’s back until He sits on the ground with his seat, then with the palm of the right hand presses back on the dog’s chest to hold this position, and when the dog succeeds in taking the correct position, the trainer should show him a lot of pleasure and pet him

Repeat this movement more than once during the training period until the dog gets used to that the word is related to taking that position

Teaching a dog to sleep steadily on the floor

And it is teaching the dog to take the pose in which his head is up and his front legs are extended forward and backward in a fully relaxed position and forward with the support on the buttocks and the entire abdomen on the ground

To train the dog on this, you have to hold the dog by the chain with the left hand and then make him sit on the seat, then pull the chain a little while leaning towards the dog from the front while raising your right palm as if you are going to strike, then pronounce the command word you choose for this training in a sharp and strong voice while pulling the chain down by hand At the same time, he moved the palm towards the dog’s head

Once you take these steps, you will find him bending forward, then you have to help him by pulling the front legs with the left hand forward to sleep in this position, then leave him like this, then after about two minutes he called for him to come to you and repeat these steps until you succeed in that

Teaching a dog to come to you as soon as you call him

This training is one of the most important exercises, as if you succeed in it, the dog will leave any work he does and come to you as soon as he hears his name, and the trainer’s success in this training is the first and largest measure of his skill because he was able to make his dog give up anything that occupies him To come and obey his coach’s orders

This type of training begins with the use of the chain and then without it until the dog learns this important lesson well, and it is worth mentioning that in order for the trainer to succeed in this task, the dog must first return to the reward when complying with orders, with the need not to be punished if he violates it

When starting this training, try to be at the beginning inside the garden and using the long chain so that its length is not less than two meters, first use the pronunciation, then stand facing the dog completely with the chain in your left hands, then call the dog verbally, and at the same moment, attract the chain with the left hand and point to it by hand Right with any movement to call

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