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Thursday January 16, 2020

How to take screenshots Screenshot in iPhone 10 iPhone X

How to take screenshots Screenshot on iPhone 10 iPhone X 1

Screen Shot Screenshot is one of the most frequently circulated pictures among friends on social media, and this is to share the most enjoyable moments between them, such as an old photo or video or old chats on Facebook or Twitter and Score games, almost anything you see on the phone you can photograph and share, and it was a way Taking screenshots is very easy, all you have to do is press the Power button with the Home button simultaneously, but in the iPhone 10 iPhone X there is no home button, so how can you take screenshots using screenshots? And that’s what we’re going to explain today.

How to take screen shot pictures on iPhone 10 iPhone XHow to take screenshots Screenshot on iPhone 10 iPhone X 2

  1. Open the images or application you want to capture saccharin from and configure it as you like.
  2. Long press the Power button and the Volume Up button on both sides of the phone as shown in the picture simultaneously.
  3. The screen will light white quickly and you will hear the sound of taking the picture.

After you take the picture, a thumbs-up image will appear in the bottom right corner, you can press it to start editing it and add visual effects as you like, and on iPhone 10 you will find many great features that will help you especially with the new iOS 11 operating system.

You can learn more about the new iOS 11 system here:

How to take screenshots Screenshot in iPhone 10 iPhone X 3

There is a problem that some users objected to, when the edge of the phone at the top of the speaker and front camera position will oppose the image and may make its shape not good as shown in the previous figure, but some developers disagreed with them and confirmed that this edge will not constitute an obstacle either for the saccharine images that will appear in their form Naturally, as expected, and this is what we hope for. It is expected that iPhone X phones will be sold to pre-order requests on October 27 and will be officially released on the market starting next November 6.

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