wear comfortable shoes

When buying shoes, the following things should be taken into account:[1]

  • Shoe size: To maintain the health of the feet, the shoe size must be appropriate to the size of the foot; A narrow shoe may cause a hammer toe, a foot corn, or an ingrown nail. Conversely, wearing wide shoes prevents the heel of the foot from being stable while walking, which It causes sores and inflammation of the heel, so it is recommended to buy it when the foot is stretched all day, that is, after work, so that the foot is in its largest size, and it is also necessary to take into account the possibility of changing the size of the foot with the change of age.
  • Heel of the shoe: Wearing high-heeled shoes should be minimized as much as possible, because they may cause deformities and pain in the bones of the foot in the long run. Therefore, flat sports shoes should be used for daily wear.
  • Shoe quality: Wearing shoes made of plastic materials prevents the feet from being exposed to heat and moisture, and prevents proper breathing for them, so it is preferable to replace them with shoes made of natural materials, such as: leather and cotton, as they allow air and moisture to enter, or use sports shoes made of special materials. Good for the health of the feet.

Taking care of the hygiene of the feet

Paying attention to the hygiene of the feet is very important, so the feet should be washed daily using warm water and soap, without soaking them, because this causes dryness of the skin, and attention should be paid to drying the feet well afterwards, especially between the fingers to prevent fungal infections, such as: athlete’s foot, and after Make sure the skin is dry. A moisturizing cream is applied to the foot, except between the fingers, and a pumice stone can be used with it to get rid of calluses and hard skin, taking care to use it gently and without exaggeration; So that it does not grow again tougher than before.[2]

cutting nails

Trimming and cutting the nails in the right way is very important in protecting the feet from diseases that may affect them, such as: an ingrown toenail, which occurs due to improper trimming of the nails and close to the skin, so good nail scissors must be used, and nails are cut straight without curving when edges.[3]

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How to take care of the feet

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