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Malaysia is one of the Asian countries that sends and receives many international students to study, as the value of government educational grants reaches about 800 million dollars annually, and the proportion of Malaysian students in higher education studying abroad is estimated at about 20%, and for this the Malaysian government directed its energies And its efforts towards higher education, as it increased the number of public and private universities and colleges, and encouraged the establishment of partnerships with foreign institutions to improve higher education.[1]

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The educational system in Malaysia is characterized by several characteristics, including:[1]

  • The language of instruction in Malaysian schools is Bahasa Melayu, which is the official language of education. The government allowed the use of English in study, especially in mathematics and science subjects in 2003, but this decision was canceled in 2011, when it was allowed to teach English in primary and secondary schools as a foreign language.
  • The language of education for universities, especially for bachelor’s degrees, is also Bahasa Melayu, and English is used in teaching, especially for science, mathematics and information technology subjects, in addition to the fact that the language of education for graduate studies is English.
  • The academic year of higher education in Malaysia extends from January to November, and subjects are taught over semesters rather than years.
  • Primary school education begins from the age of seven for children, which is six years, and then three years of secondary education. As for the secondary stage, it extends for two years, in addition to two years of upper secondary education.

higher education in malaysia

Malaysia is a destination for many higher education students from all over the world, as Malaysia ranked ninth according to UNESCO statistics in 2015. Malaysia attracts students to complete their studies in it as it has a number of advantages, including: the high quality of life in it, diverse culture, and warm climate, in addition to To the quality education it offers, and one of the best Malaysian universities that offer higher education is Universiti Putra, which offers education according to oxbridge standards.[2] Among the grants that enhance study in Malaysia are the David Boren American Scholarships, which contribute to students completing postgraduate studies in Malaysia. These grants also contribute to qualifying students to participate in programs that help them engage with Malaysian culture and learn its language.[3]

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