meditation practice

The importance of meditation is that it makes the will-related parts of the human brain work better and more efficiently. After practicing meditation for several months and on a regular basis, it will become clear to the person that his will has changed significantly for the better.[1]


When a person begins on the morning of a new day, his will is at its height, so priorities must be arranged and important things done first. The will can be likened to a muscle that is consumed in some situations that require self-control.[1]

Stay away from temptations

If a person has certain things that may make him lose his will, such as unhealthy food or sweets, for example, then it is better for him to stay away from any environment that may make him drain or give up his will.[1]

Accompanying people with similar goals

By nature, man does not like to be different from others, so a person must try to surround himself with people who share the same interests and goals in order to increase his strength of will and determination.[1]

pressure tolerance

Exposing a person to great psychological pressure may drain his physical energy and increase his tension, which reduces the levels of will.[2]

Commitment to goals and plans

This is through self-encouragement and urging them to stick to the plans and avoid doing unwanted or time-wasting habits.[2]

Sleeping well

Sleeping for a sufficient number of hours enables the brain to benefit from energy and avoid any stress that may occur to it, and it is worth noting that sleeping for a period ranging between six to eight hours makes it enjoy happiness, health and a long life.[2]

self reward

One must set himself a reward for the things he does, and care must be taken that these rewards do not conflict with the goals one should achieve and do.[3]

supportive presence

For a person who wants to strengthen his will and determination, there must be someone to support and strengthen him, and perhaps the psychiatrist may be the one who supports and helps to learn self-control, for example.[3]

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How to strengthen your will and determination

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