Spinach storage tips

There are several tips that you should pay attention to when storing spinach, including:

spinach freezing

To store spinach in the freezer, follow these steps:[١]

  • Wash spinach well with cold water.
  • Get rid of excess weeds and wilted leaves between the spinach leaves.
  • It is preferable to put the spinach in boiling water for two minutes, after which it is immediately placed in icy cold water so that it does not ripen because of the boiling water.
  • Get rid of the excess water on the spinach by drying it well.
  • Put the spinach in a plastic bag and close it tightly.
  • It is best to store spinach in the freezer.

Note: Canned spinach can also be stored in the freezer by emptying it from the cans and placing it in an airtight container and placing it in the freezer, where it can be stored in the freezer for more than two months.

Dry spinach well

Before storing spinach, it is preferable to choose healthy and green spinach leaves, and get rid of yellow and dry leaves, and unwanted weeds, after which the leaves are washed well, and dried completely from the water. You can use a vegetable dehydrator (in English: Salad Spinner), and you must make sure that the leaves are completely dry before storing them in the freezer.[٢]

Do not wash spinach immediately before storing it

It is preferable not to wash spinach with water before storing and freezing directly, because moisture may cause spinach leaves to wilt and yellow. Then, the spinach is placed in the refrigerator at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. It is worth noting that in this case, it is preferable to use spinach for a period of no less than seven days, because after this period, spinach will begin to lose folic acid, which helps in the growth of cells in the body.[٣]

spinach peeling video

One of the leafy vegetables that you can freeze in more than one way to use at any time! How can spinach be sorted? :

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How to store spinach

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