Orange is one of the natural sources very rich in vitamin C. Orange belongs to the seedless plants of the citrus genus. The orange was named after the Portuguese transported the orange fruit from China to Portugal, after which the fruit spread in the name of orange relative to Portugal. There are more than one type of orange, such as : Citrus orange, navel orange, sweet orange, Japanese orange, mandarin orange.

The benefits of oranges

Orange contains many vitamins and elements that are beneficial to the human body and its health. It contains phosphorous, calcium, iron, sugar and citric acid, so it is very useful in many cases, such as treating diseases that affect the genital areas. It helps relieve headaches and headaches. Oranges clean the respiratory system, Oranges are used as an anti -cancer, strengthening bones, soothing to the brain, with all these great benefits of orange. It is necessary to find a way to maintain orange as long as possible in order to be used when needed because it is not always available.

How to preserve and store oranges at home

  • We wash the oranges well to get rid of the dust and microbes that accumulate on their peels. The oranges are placed in transparent plastic bags and stored in the freezer until the time of need. Through this method, the oranges can be used for juice that is placed on all foods and oranges can be used.
  • After washing the orange, we cut the edges on both sides and put them in a saucepan with a little water until the oranges are covered, then put the pot on the fire and leave the orange until its peel becomes soft, after the orange is cooked, we put the orange in the blender and mix it well in the electric blender, after The cooked oranges are squeezed. We put them in a colander, filter them well, then put them in clean ice cubes and leave them in the freezer until they are frozen. After the oranges are frozen, we put them in plastic bags and leave them in the freezer until we use them. Add water and sugar before use.
  • After washing the orange, we remove the peel using the knife, and then we cut the orange into cloves, which are placed in transparent plastic bags and placed in the freezer until needed.
  • If you want to save oranges for a long time, we put fresh orange grains in transparent plastic bags and put them in the refrigerator and stay fresh up to two weeks without anything to change.
  • To preserve the nutritional value of orange juice for a longer period, a little lemon is squeezed with the orange.

How to store oranges

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