Orange is a type of fruit, it ranks first in the list of citrus fruits. Oranges are available throughout the year and are in high demand in the winter because they contain useful vitamins, most notably vitamin C. It is also useful in calming the nerves and feeling relaxed, and it is eaten in the summer as well, as it is refreshing and provides the person with energy and fluids in addition to its other benefits.

How to store orange juice

يُمكِنُ الاحتفاظ بالبُرتُقال لمدةٍ اطوَل وذَلِك عَن طَريقِ استخلاصِ عَصيرِهِ وحِفظهِ لَدينا لحينِ الاستخدام، ويُمكن تَقديمَهُ كَعصيرٍ يَومي صباحي ويمكن استخدامهُ أيضاً بالطهي وصنع الحلويات وغيرها من الاستخدامات، ولَكن ما هي الطريقة الصَحيحة لتَخزينِ عَصيرِ البُرتقال لمدَةٍ أطول لَدينا دون الخَوف من تَلَفِهِ أو تَغيُرٍ في تَركيبِه وطَعمهِ And without losing its beneficial nutrients.

Used equipments

  • Citrus juicer, electric or manual.
  • Two large bowls.
  • Spaced mesh filter.
  • Two clear glass or plastic bottles for preserving juice with an airtight lid.

juicing method

  • Wash the oranges well with plenty of water to ensure that they are free of suspended dirt and dirt.
  • Divide the orange into equal halves.
  • Prepare the juicer and place a bowl under the juicer to collect the orange juice in it.
  • Start juicing without using the peels.
  • After we finish squeezing all the oranges, we filter the juice from the seeds using the filter with a mesh spaced into another bowl.
  • After ensuring that the juice is free of seeds, we pour the juice into the pre-prepared bottles for storing orange juice.
  • Close juice-filled bottles tightly to prevent spillage.
  • Put the bottles filled with juice on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, as it does not require much refrigeration.
  • The juice can be used directly and presented, and orange juice can be saved in containers with tight lids and placed in the freezer and used as a “slash” by grinding it on the electric mixer and adding it to serving glasses with fresh lemon slices. Orange juice can be saved in ice molds and placed in the freezer and used as a beautiful addition to fruit juices and cocktails various prepared.
  • Orange juice containers must be closed tightly after use so that they do not spoil and rot like any natural substance.

orange juice video

This juice is not only useful, but also refreshing to the extreme! Do you like orange juice? :

How to store orange juice

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