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Sunday March 15, 2020

How to spend the best time in Jakarta

By Yasmine Yassine

It is so beautiful to enjoy the breathtaking scenery amidst a variety of activities, so we advise you to choose a place that combines the magic of nature with a vibrant life.
Tourism in Indonesia is one of the best options that you can put in your next plan, and to choose Jakarta, the country of magic where different cultures meet, traveling to it will be one of your most beautiful adventures at all.
Jakarta is a country where many people from all over the world come together, and it is your chance to meet new people and diverse cultures.
But how can that be Your trip to Jakarta More fun and luxurious? Here are the most important secrets.

Criteria for choosing a hotel in Jakarta

One of the most important things that allows you to make the most of your visit to Jakarta is choosing the location of the hotel, as the hotel in the city center will facilitate you to visit many places without wasting a long time.
Also, a hotel with a good reputation must be chosen by travelers. Let us search on the Internet to know the best hotels in Jakarta in terms of location, good treatment, views, cleanliness and activities in the place, where you will find these specifications with a good price in locations that provide comparisons between hotels.
This is, of course, due to your favorite atmosphere. If you prefer a vibrant life, then choose a hotel located in a vital location. If you tend to calm and simplicity, hotels that are far from the city center in Jakarta are suitable for relaxation and calm.

Overcome congestion

Jakarta is one of the most crowded and traffic cities in Indonesia. Rather, it is one of the most crowded cities around the world. Therefore, if you intend to visit a place at a specific time, you must move early so as not to delay and benefit from the whole day.
You can download an application for transport companies that are booked online to facilitate your time and effort.
There are also reliable taxi services located throughout the city, from which you can benefit.
And don’t worry about taxi prices because gasoline prices are cheap in Jakarta, so the cost will not be high unlike many other countries around the world.

Choose the right time to travel

Jakarta is a conservative Muslim city, in which many women wear the hijab, and mosques are available in every corner, and for this you look more charming in the seasons for Muslims, such as Ramadan and Islamic holidays, so many religious rituals that will make you feel that you did not go far from the rituals Religious in your country.

In general, the best seasons to travel to Jakarta are between May to October, as the weather becomes better than other months away from excessive humidity in the air, but in November until April, the weather is humid and accompanied by rain.
Also, traveling to Jakarta at the beginning of the year is not recommended due to the presence of floods due to rain and torrential rains. Cars may be flooded and people walk amid torrents that may reach the knees and sometimes to the neck!
In order to ensure hiking in various tourist places in Jakarta, it is advised that the duration of the trip is not less than 4 days, preferably 5 days to a week.

Visit the islands in Jakarta

When planning travel to Jakarta, you must put the islands within your plan, such as the Alfand Islands located on the coast of Jakarta, which consists of 76 atolls, and there you can dive and snorkel.
And don’t miss watching the fish, as there are at least 144 fish species in nearly 1,000 islands.
Sitting on the island is one of the most interesting things about Jakarta. It is the best thing you can do there.

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Prepare a shopping budget

Jakarta has many shopping venues that suit different budgets, but in general it is a cheap city that provides all the needs of citizens and tourists in clothes, leather and others.
There you will find popular markets for clothes, leather products and accessories, as well as large shopping centers that provide designer clothes.
So you must save money to shop in Jakarta, as you may find many products you like at reasonable prices.

Abandon the vehicles

Only after trying to walk and give up on car rides will you have fun on your trip to Jakarta, you will discover many things you miss when boarding a vehicle.
To set aside a day on a free longdistance tour, exchange greetings and smiles with the various people around you, they are friendly and treat tourists very welcome.
During your tour, you will get to know this people and how life will be in Jakarta and Indonesia in general. You can also visit a number of cultural places there that will randomly meet you during your trip.
You can share crowds of citizens there on Car Free Day on the city streets, an event that takes place on Sunday every week to reduce vehicle pollution.

Do not sleep at night

Jakarta is the country of nightlife and noisy parties at night, and many people consider it the most charming and festive Asian city!
If you like this atmosphere, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy these moments that will not be repeated, especially since you will only spend a few days in Jakarta, and return to the work routine, sleep and early wake up later.

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