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Women take care of their hair because it is the treasure of their beauty, and it gives them space to express their personality and mood with different hairstyles and cuts, and it gives them entertainment sometimes. This is what makes them in constant search for solutions to be able to soften their hair, and we will mention a way to soften the hair, and make it attractive.

Hair straightening methods

Use mayonnaise to soften hair

By mixing five tablespoons of mayonnaise, two tablespoons of aloe vera oil, one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of ground nigella, in addition to one tablespoon of parachute cream, and stir them until the mixture becomes similar to the consistency of regular cream, then put it on the scalp and leave it for two hours on the head, then Wash the hair with lukewarm water first, then using shampoo, and you will notice the results on the hair immediately.

Banana is used to soften hair

Here we dry the banana peel, grind it, then mix the banana peels with mayonnaise, and some castor oil, in addition to olive oil, here the mixture will be similar to henna, then we put it on the scalp and hair and leave it for at least half an hour, and we must cover The head is covered with a plastic cover during this period of time, then we wash the head with lukewarm water, then using shampoo, and we will notice the results of the smoothness of the hair here in an amazing way.

Glycerin cream mixture to soften hair

So that we soak a little of the elderberry flower in a cup of water, then add coconut oil and glycerine, and use it as we use shampoo, this method works to soften the hair and increase its luster.

Using eggs to soften hair

Using parsley to soften hair

We put fresh parsley leaves in a bowl filled with water, boil it with water over the fire for five minutes, add coconut oil, glycerine, and put the mixture on the hair as we use shampoo, then we wash it using boiled parsley, and this method is one of the easy ways and does not need a period It takes a long time to wait, and it gives quick and noticeable results on the hair.

Fast hair straightening method

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