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A person goes through different phases in his life, and the building of his personality is affected by these phases. His personality, which is usually a natural product of the influential environment, whether this environment is family, friends, classmates, teachers, or even an imaginary environment on the Internet!! Hence, we can say that the building of the personality starts from the environment in which the individual grows, either To help strengthen and build a healthy structure, or to work to weaken and attenuate it.

family effect

In the first building phase, the family has the greatest impact, especially the parents. Either the family environment is positive, and it helps the parents to build and strengthen the personality of the son, by planting confidence in him in himself, working to stimulate his intelligence, correcting behavior, and refining and controlling behavior And purifying the mind from everything that destroys it. But if the family environment is negative, either due to the neglect of the parents, or to educate the son on some ideas that weaken his personality and undermine his self-confidence, some parents raise their children to fear illusory things in life, and perhaps they do not exist. Originally, and the son may be threatened or beaten, the son will grow up weak and shaky, frightened and confused, not imbued with a correct thought, and his personality is not built in a sound manner!

But when a person grows up, he becomes independent by himself, his personality is often linked to the goal that he sets in his life. Either he sets a simple goal for himself, related to life’s concerns and concerns, and this reflects negatively on his personality, and this goal will be a great nature, or It is not possible for a weak personality to reach high ranks and lofty goals, due to his weak determination, low determination, and undermining his self-confidence, and perhaps he is not even able to set a goal for himself in the first place!

Strength of Personality

One of the most important factors that show the strength of personality is the nature of the goal that each person sets for himself, the responsibilities that he bears for this, and the characteristics that must be characterized by those who bear the responsibility of reaching lofty goals, and what helps to strengthen the personality, perseverance and insistence to reach The goal, and leaving laziness and dependence on others, the difference is apparent and the difference is vast between the personality that strives to strive to achieve its goal, and the personality that depends on the one who leads it to the desired goal from its hand and is led to it in a market.

The personality is strong, with the free will in which the owner proceeds from himself, and stems from himself, expressing his ambition in life, by liberating from the rigid templates that determine his will and hinder his movement, and put obstacles in the way of his development, as we mentioned in the beginning, and this factor is linked to the society that we mentioned in the beginning. The individual grows up in it, as the ossified thought and the reflexion in one mold are – often – the product of a society in which this intellectual closing has been established, and vice versa in an open society, which accommodates all ideas, and opens the door wide to liberation and creativity. It varies from one society to another, according to the nature and composition of society, but with that we can identify common features that define the strong personality that we need to build in this society.

So, through the above, we can identify the things that help build a strong personality, through the following points:

  1. The strength of the relationship with God Almighty, and the connection with religion, this increases self-confidence, and strengthens the personality of the person, because this makes him connected to what is higher and higher than all human beings, so many obstacles and obstacles become easier for him, and the biggest problems are reduced in his eyes, and many difficulties are facilitated.
  2. The presence of well-established principles in the person, adherence to these principles, and lack of double standards in life, because this shows the person as weak and hesitant, who can change his words overnight, but the one who adheres to his principles is strong and firm, imposing his respect on others.
  3. That a person be self-confident, confident in his abilities, capabilities and skills, distinct from others.
  4. The existence of a goal in life, and the nature of this goal – as we mentioned above – determines the parameters of personality, and a life without purpose produces a person without personality. Often, he does not have an independent thought of himself, and he does not have a different opinion, but his opinions are often subordinate to others, or subject to the general trend in society.
  5. Being attached to this supreme goal, and leaving the preoccupation with the trivialities of things and the minorities of life, whoever is attached to his most important goal and his supreme goal, the Almighty and rises with his personality, and whoever is preoccupied with the details of life and drowned in its worries, his personality weakens and decreases in his level, and he is not just a means to his daily life. It is the goal, except for those who do not understand the true meaning of life!
  6. Being high-spirited and insisting on reaching this goal, because that positively affects the personality of the person, and makes him distinguished in his life. every day.
  7. Assuming responsibility, which weak personality always avoid, seeing that it is burdensome to them, and they cannot carry out its burdens, negativity is a natural thing in weak personality, but a strong personality can assume its responsibilities, and carry out its burdens, so taking care of the matter is beneficial and positive in any case.

Show character strength

In order for the strength of personality to appear in a person, he must be characterized by specific qualities that show people that he is strong, unshakable, nor weak, and this can be demonstrated through:

  1. Calmness and deliberation in dealing with matters, and psychological balance, it gives the impression of confidence and strength of character, in contrast to haste and haste, which reflects weakness and confusion in the person. In any situation.
  2. Think carefully about speech before releasing it, and meditate on the repercussions and effects of this speech before saying it, for the wise person is the one who addresses people according to their minds, and knows who he is speaking with and what he is talking about.
  3. The ability to withstand difficult situations that require patience and endurance. Weak endurance weakens the character, and the person appears weak and lacking in determination. As for strong personality, he can be patient and bear the difficulties.
  4. Not being influenced by emotions quickly and in an exaggerated manner. Emotion – sometimes – weakens a person’s personality, and is negatively affected in his decision-making, whether at the personal level or with regard to the relationship with others. .
  5. Not being subject to the rhythm of life and the routine of the day, which makes a person compelled to do repetitive things. This limits the release of his mind and creativity, so he becomes monotonous and boring by nature. He does not like change and does not accept renewal. And he constantly changes his habits, because that helps open his mind and start his mind.
  6. Paying attention to the external appearance, it gives the initial impression of each person to others, and a good appearance increases self-confidence, and this point I put at the end because it is not as important as the above, but some people judge a person starting from his appearance, and appearance may not sing in some cases, But it helps in the emergence of a strong personality, and is complementary to what we have mentioned of qualities and characteristics.

finally; Building the personality is one of the things that must be studied, preparing specialized courses for it, holding seminars and holding lectures, and even establishing specialized institutes, because it is linked to building an entire generation that bears the responsibility to keep pace with the times and its development, and undoubtedly affect the structure and strength of society.

How do you show the strength of your character?

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