How to schedule meetings in Zoom Zoom, the Zoom program, is among the best remote communication programs that appeared in light of the spread of the Corona virus, Covid 19, in order to facilitate the task of communicating by voice and video with friends, family and co-workers under quarantine, and the program carries many secrets and tricks that enable you to benefit from The program is very large, through a useful site, today we will learn how to set and schedule a meeting on Zoom.

What is the Zoom program for lectures?

Zoom Meetings is one of the very popular platforms, which, as we mentioned earlier, is considered one of the very important platforms and services, as it facilitates the process of communicating with individuals and groups at any time and anywhere around the world.

You can describe it as a conference program as it provides you with the ability to communicate with your friends and co-workers with high quality and accuracy in HD, as it is easy to chat with 100 users at the same time, and the program gives you a zoom time of 40 minutes only in free accounts, but through an account Paid Zoom You can extend this period for more than this time (the price of the Zoom subscription).

How to schedule meetings in Zoom

The platform is important and is used by many official agencies, government and private companies, in addition to ordinary individuals and users who work in the field of profit from the Internet or free work, as it is a tool for the work team to communicate somewhere without the need to leave the house.

The important feature of the program is that you can schedule meetings to help organize your work accurately through the Zoom Meeting Timer service available on the platform that can be used, and here is how to schedule a meeting in the Zoom program, and the steps are as follows:

Zoom User Guide

  • Download ZOOM Cloud Meetings for Android via the Google Play Store, click here.
  • Download Zoom for iPhone, the latest version, from the Apple Store, click here.
  • Log in to your account if you create a new account on Zoom.
  • Create an account if this is your first time using this platform to message with others.
  • Click on the gear icon to go to the settings, as shown in the image.
How to schedule meetings in Zoom
  • Click on the General option.
  • On the home page, click on the Schedule option.
How to schedule meetings in Zoom
  • Start scheduling the meeting from the window that appears in front of you.
  • Start by setting the time and date of the scheduled meeting with the business team or group of people you want to meet online.
  • You can make a meeting more frequently, by clicking in the small box at the bottom within the scheduling window.
  • If the meeting is for one time, do not check the box.
  • Start assigning a meeting id that you can share with others to make it easier to join a Zoom meeting.
  • If the meeting is a business meeting, you can leave the meeting ID option automatically, for the sake of protection and security on Zoom.
  • If you want to protect your meeting from hackers, make sure to set up a password request when you join Zoom, to prevent snoopers and intruders from accessing your meetings.

Zoom settings on mobile

  • Start modifying the audio and video settings so that you can conduct the interview without any difficulties or problems.
  • You can add and recall the meeting through services such as Google Zoom for GSuite, and Microsoft’s Outlook.
  • Click on Advanced settings to increase protection and security and regulate the process of members joining Zoom rooms online, where you can mute members when entering the room and other settings.

Sound settings in zoom

  • Make sure to adjust your settings as appropriate for you in terms of security, protection, and personal modifications that you wish.
  • Make sure your audio and video settings are done by testing before beginning your meetings.
  • At the end click on Schedule.

You will be able to share the meeting link across various social networking platforms and networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and instant messaging applications and programs, by giving the room or meeting link to your friends or those who are interested and sending the password if a password is set.

How to buy a Zoom Room

How much is the price of a Zoom subscription in riyals? We are still with how to schedule meetings in the Zoom program, and in this context you may want to buy a Zoom room, many users are looking for How do I buy a Zoom room? How much is the zoom room fee? And other related questions that revolve around the desire to buy a room on Zoom.

Zoom provides a lot of options for you, there are:

  • The free Basic version of the program is limited in terms of meeting time, the maximum limit is only 40 minutes, and the number of members who can join it.
  • The paid version, which provides you with a lot of special powers that you will not get in the free versions, and there are three packages of paid versions, including:
  • Zoom Pro Its cost per month is only $14.99.
  • Enterprise ZoomThe cost per month is 1999 US dollars.
  • Business Zoom And it costs 199.9 US dollars, which is about 100 dollars.

You can choose between the packages available on the program, all options are available to you between free, or paid with its three packages that we discussed.

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At the end of today’s article, we found out how Schedule meetings in Zoom Zoom, which is one of the important programs and platforms in the field of social communication between people, is one of the important programs that appeared strongly in light of the spread of the coronavirus, and it is still in control and strong.