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Tuesday September 29, 2020

How to save a Screenshot automatically on Windows 10

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Screenshot is not saved automatically when you take it using the official keyboard shortcuts on Windows, this means that when you press the Windows tab and prtscr buttons on your keyboard, the image is not saved and you need to open any image editing program or Paint to paste it as if it were copied text .

Usually, this does not cause any problem, and we can say that it is just a slight disruption in your work schedule and requires additional steps, but what if I told you that there is a way to use these two buttons together to save the image directly and automatically without having to open the Paint program? This is what we will talk about today.

Automatically save a Screenshot:

The method that we will talk about today depends mainly on a distinctive application called Clipsnappy, in fact this application does not have a graphical interface as usual, but takes the form of a command that is executed through Command Prompt, and it is fully and exclusively specialized in the process of saving the Screenshot only.

Download the program through this Link Then turn it on and zoom it down.

Now make sure that you put the program and its running file in the place you want to save the images to at the end. If you want to save the images to the Downloads folder, for example, place the program there and you will find that the images will be saved to this folder automatically, for example you have personally put The program is in the Downlaods folder so you will find the image saved in this folder.

How to save a Screenshot automatically on Windows 10 2

Here is a clearer picture after taking the above image:

How to save a Screenshot automatically on Windows 10 3

You will always need to leave the program window and CMD commands open and minimized at the bottom every time you need to run this program and take advantage of it, of course there are many third-party programs that give you more choice in the process of saving Screenshot, but this program is the lightest and easiest to use.

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